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Cajun Butter Sauce Large Capacity Electric/Gas Fire Cooking Mixer Machine

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Advantages of electromagnetic heating cajun butter sauce mixer cooking machine products
1. The heating is rapid and the temperature is adjustable; there are two temperature probes in the pot to measure the temperature of the cajun butter sauce cooking machine with mixer and the temperature of the food respectively;
2. Microcomputer automatic temperature control and temperature display, automatic setting, automatic alarm when the time or temperature is reached, the processing technology is easy to control, the food processing process has good repeatability, better quality, and more stability;
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3. Because the planetary stirring is used, the processed food does not stick to the pan, does not form lumps or coke; it uses less oil and is simple to operate. The residue is not easy to stick to the wok during the frying process and is easy to clean.
4. Longze brand industrial electromagnetic cajun butter sauce mixer cooking machine is efficient, energy-saving, and lower operating cost;
5. The installation and operation are simple, the area is small, and the supporting cost is reduced;
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6. Can significantly improve the working environment and sanitation;
7. Long service life; the main electrical parts are imported from Germany, and the inner pot is made of stainless steel SUS304 hemispherical bladder formed by one-step stamping, with a thickness of 5 cm.
8. It is safe to use, electromagnetic heating equipment adopts induction heating, no open flame, no explosion, and no fire hazard;
9. Multiple automatic protection functions, system over-temperature protection and pot body over-temperature protection.
10. Green and environmental protection, using electromagnetic heating equipment without waste gas, waste residue and noise pollution, clean and convenient.
Gas Fired Commercial Food Cooking Mixer Machine 200l Capacity Price With Stirring
The advantages of automatic cajun butter sauce mixer cooking machine cooking robot
1. Fully automatic control system. All operations can be realized through the control panel. The cajun butter sauce cooking machine with mixer controls the temperature, speed and time according to the requirements of the process formula, realizes standardized production, and ensures consistent product quality.
2. Low operating cost. Advanced circuit design, efficient power matching.
3. Long service life. cajun butter sauce mixer cooking machine materials are made of high-quality stainless steel products, large-scale cooking machine, long service life, high temperature and no deformation.
Fourth, special pot body materials. Fast heat conduction and high efficiency.
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High Viscosity Industrial Planetary Mixer Machine/ Food Blenders Tilting Cooking Mixer Machine
High Viscosity Industrial Planetary Mixer Machine/ Food Blenders Tilting Cooking Mixer Machine

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