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Flour&Powder Products Roasting Cooking Mixer Machine Commercial Kettles

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Our commercial flour&powder products roasting cooking mixer machine equipment itself has an interlocking function, and the frying pan can be turned over only when the stirring blade is fully raised, ensuring the safety of operators and avoiding potential safety hazards.
Industrial Gas Heating Stainless Steel Mixer Cooking Machine With Agitator For Sale
Features of powder products mixer cooking kettle machine:
1. Electromagnetic heating mixer cooking kettle machine is made of pure 304 material.
2. The electromagnetic heating speed is fast (boiling water in 10-15 minutes).
3. The electromagnetic coil is an imported coil and movement.
4. Commercial mixer cooking kettle machine with stirring is no dead corner stirring, which will not make roux pan.
5. The temperature control of our equipment is very precise, suitable for flour and powdered products.
6. The parameters can be set intelligently for automatic stir-frying and automatic discharging, which saves the labor intensity of workers.
7. The safety of Longze electromagnetic mixer kettle cooking machine is relatively strong, and it can automatically adjust and reduce gears to protect the movement intelligently when the voltage is unstable and the temperature is too high.
8. The electromagnetic cooking mixer machine with agitator is safe, clean, noiseless, and very environmentally friendly equipment.
Commercial Cooking Jacketed Kettle With Agitator Cooking Mixer For Jams/Sauce/Paste
The bottom and body of the commercial mixer kettle cooking machine equipment are divided into three-layer structure, which is equipped with thermal insulation, which can heat up quickly and save energy. So as to increase the output of flour frying.
Gas Heating 200 Liter Double Jacketed Cooking Pot/Cooking Sugar Jacketed Kettle
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