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Food Cooking Mixers Machine

Best Kitchen Food Cooking Mixers/Largest Commercial Cooking Mixer Kettle

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Commercial food cooking mixer machine equipment has its own insulation layer, which heats up quickly and saves energy. Thereby increasing the output. The automatic discharging system adopts circuit control, which is more convenient to use.
The food wok has two characteristics: automatic stirring-cooking and tilting out of the pan.
The best commercial food cooking mixers is an industrial tilting stirring cooking mixer kettle, which solves the problem of difficult discharging and difficult cleaning, and is in a leading position in the domestic industry.
1. The automatic food cooking machine has its own heat preservation, which heats up quickly and saves energy. Thereby increasing the output.
2. Longze's large-scale automatic cooking machine adopts multi-hydraulic cylinder transmission for the overturning of the pot body and the lifting of the stirrer, which makes the operation more stable and reliable.
3. Heating system: Longze cooking mixers machine adopts steam, gas, electric heating heat conduction oil, electromagnetic heating and other heating methods for customers to choose from.
Gas Heating 200 Liter Double Jacketed Cooking Pot/Cooking Sugar Jacketed Kettle
Applicable scope of automatic cooking machine:
1. A series of equipment for the production of instant noodles, instant rice noodles, instant vermicelli, hot pot base ingredients, and chili sauce.
2. The self-turning and tilting frying pan of the electromagnetic cooking machine can fry various sauces and granular materials.
3. Commercial food cooking mixer wok can be used for cooking chili sauce, pepper, beef, seafood, etc.
4. Food cooking kettle with mixer used for automatic production line of beef sauce, braised chili sauce, hot pot base, sauce, mushroom sauce, curry chili sauce.

Chili Sauce Electromagnetic Cooking Mixer

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