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Horizontal Cooking Mixer

Vacuum Horizontal Cooking Mixer Machine

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Product Details:

Product Description Vacuum mixer horizontal machine
Pot size 350L/500L, or as customized; Stainless 304
Voltage 380V/3Ph/50Hz or as customized
Power 2Kw∽7Kw
Capacity 150kg-300Kg per batch
Steel grade All stainless SUS304
Automation Full automatic, semi auto
Heating source Steam, (gas, electric induction, thermal oil)
Working pressure 0.3∽0.6MPa
Vacuum pressure range -0.095∽0MPa
Mixing style Rotating agitation clockwise and anti clockwise, wall scraping
Rotation speed Variable and adjustable
Temperature control British brand Spirax Sarco precise steam regulator
Accessories Pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, safety relief valve, condensed water auto drain valve, bottom blowdown valve,…
Applications Cooking food materials under vacuum condition, making candied fruits, concentration of food

Heating source is optional for gas, steam, electromagnetic induction, etc. Everything runs automatically through German Siemens PLC system, including, heating, vacuuming, mixing, discharging, etc.
Vacuum Horizontal Cooking Mixer Machine
Vacuum Horizontal Cooking Mixer Machine
This professional industrial vacuum horizontal cooking and mixing machine is heavy duty type for fully mixing of any food materials. Its capacity is optional for 300L and 500L. Its equipped with durable motor than can work continuously 24/7.

Detailed Images:

Vacuum Horizontal Cooking Mixer Machine

High Efficient Processing Equipments & First-Class Handcraft:

We are proud of our staff, who are responsible and with rich experience. Combination with our staff first-class skill and the aid of our big scale laser machines, our horizontal cooking mixer machine products are highly commented by our customers and thereby help us earn more regular customers.

Vacuum Horizontal Cooking Mixer Machine

Packaging & Shipment:

We have so many shipments every day so that we set up our own logistics department for machine packaging and delivery. Wooden packaging is with good quality plywood in accordance with international standard.

Vacuum Horizontal Cooking Mixer Machine

Customers' Visiting & Testing:

All customers are welcome to visit our factory to witness the good quality of our machines in our showroom. Our showroom is full of newly manufactured machines for our customers witness testing and we are glad to provide all necessary materials for such testing.

Vacuum Horizontal Cooking Mixer Machine

Certifications & Patents:

Our products are with certifications of CE & BV, and other Chinese certifications. We have totally 12 nos. patents and more under processing. Our professionalism with quality and safety has earned for us many honors awarded by local authorities.


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Vacuum Horizontal Cooking Mixer Machine

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