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Horizontal Cooking Mixer

Food Heavy Duty Horizontal Cooking Mixer Mixing Machine

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This horizontal cooking mixer machine can be widely used in a variety of food cooking process. Such as curry paste, ketchup, meat, vegetable, soup, congee, potato sauce, chili sauce, fruit jame, glutinous cake as well as dry materials like flour, bean, peanut, wheat etc. This machine can be used in large restaurant, school, military, factory etc.
 high quality big food heavy duty horizontal mixer mixing machine for sale
1. Some technical parameters would be adjusted with our technology's upgrade.
2. Customization would be avaialble as well.
3. Electricity parameters can be customized as per client's detailed demands.
1、Fully automatic system extremely increase customers working efficiency.
2、Pot volume ranges from 50 up to 600L.
3、Distinct mixing system caters for clients' strict working demand.
4、Robot welding system keeps our product away from any crack.
5、PTFE scrappers durable for high temp, high errosion material.
6、Cover tilted backwards automatically before discharging.
7、Cooking pot tiled to 90° hydraulically to allow easy discharge of food materials.
8、Especially used for viscous products.
1、2000W and 6000W laser cutting machine can meet the cutting capacity 100pcs per month.
2、Spot welding machine can meet the welding capacity 100pcs per month.
3、3pcs CNC press brake has better precision and higher efficiency.
4、3pcs CNC Lathe are more standard and more efficient.
All our customers are welcome to witness testing of horizotnal cooking machine in our factory. They can see the whole processing in reality and trial operation by themselves. Different recipe can be tested repeatedly to their satisfaction.

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Phone: +8613153609533

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