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Horizontal Cooking Mixer

Fruit Jam Making Horizontal Mixer Machine

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Product Details:

Product Description Fruit jam making machine
Pot size 350L/500L, or as customized; Stainless 304
Voltage 380V/3Ph/50Hz or as customized
Power 2Kw∽7Kw
Capacity 150kg-300Kg per batch
Steel grade All stainless SUS304
Automation Full automatic, semi auto
Heating source Steam, (gas, electric induction, thermal oil)
Working pressure 0.3∽0.6MPa
Vacuum pressure range -0.095∽0MPa
Mixing style Rotating agitation clockwise and anti clockwise, wall scraping
Rotation speed Variable and adjustable
Temperature control British brand Spirax Sarco precise steam regulator
Accessories Pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, safety relief valve, condensed water auto drain valve, bottom blowdown valve,…
Applications Cooking food materials under vacuum condition, making candied fruits, concentration of food

It is a top selection of fruit jam manufacturer. This vacuum cooking machine with agitation is of great help for producing pumpkin paste, dates paste, strawberry sauce, beans sauce, etc. Water circulation vacuum pump is equipped to provide the processed materials the vacuum condition, to make sure the cooked materials ready without oxidation while maintaining original nutrition and fresh color.
Fruit Jam Making Horizontal Mixer Machine

Fruit Jam Making Horizontal Mixer Machine

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Vacuum Horizontal Cooking Mixer Machine

Advanced Manufacturing Machinery And Techniques:

Comparing with others, our company possesses many big powerful manufacturing equipments including laser machines, NC machines, sculpturing machines, etc, for increase of productivity to meet so many orders from customers all over the world. All our staff is also having rich experience in manufacturing field to provide excellent handcraft..

Vacuum Horizontal Cooking Mixer Machine

Packing And Delivery:

Our machines are well wrapped for easily damaged parts before wooden packaging. Our logistics team will organize everything for packaging and delivery. Our on-time delivery has earned our many regular customers.

Fruit Jam Making Horizontal Mixer Machine

Certifications And Awards:

We have now CE & BV certifications and are planning to apply for more. Quality of all machines is all assured with strict inspection procedure, and we have been awarded many honors regarding quality and safety. Our designing staff works with fully hearted to meet customer's various demands and have obtained 12 nos. patents.

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Fruit Jam Making Horizontal Mixer Machine

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