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Horizontal Cooking Mixer

Jam Making Horizontal Cooking Mixer Machine

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Product Details:

Product Description Jam making machine
Pot size 350L/500L, or as customized; Stainless 304
Voltage 380V/3Ph/50Hz or as customized
Power 2Kw∽7Kw
Capacity 150kg-300Kg per batch
Steel grade All stainless SUS304
Automation Full automatic, semi auto
Heating source Steam, (gas, electric induction, thermal oil)
Working pressure 0.3∽0.6MPa
Vacuum pressure range -0.095∽0MPa
Mixing style Rotating agitation clockwise and anti clockwise, wall scraping
Rotation speed Variable and adjustable
Temperature control British brand Spirax Sarco precise steam regulator
Accessories Pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, safety relief valve, condensed water auto drain valve, bottom blowdown valve,…
Applications Cooking food materials under vacuum condition, making candied fruits, concentration of food

Superior Features:

-German Siemens PLC full automatic system

-Strong motor for heavy materials mixing

-Gear motor reducer from professional manufacturer, silent mode, no need maintenance for at least 5 years

-Complete sealing without air leakage

-Auto weighing system 

-Durable quality for continuous working 24/7

-12 months warranty & lifetime maintenance free of charge

Jam Making  Horizontal Cooking Mixer Machine

It is your best choice to cook food materials under vacuum condition if your materials are easy to get burnt. High configuration of jam making machine with full automation will definitely help customers to save too much cost and increase productivity. German Siemens PLC automatic system, British brand Spirax Sarco steam regulator for precise temperature control, automatic vacuuming, automatic tilting, ---all these settings are the best in the cooking field. The vacuum condition will help to keep fresh color and taste of the cooked materials and can enable to extend their shelf life without oxidation during processing.

Detailed Images:

Vacuum Horizontal Cooking Mixer Machine

High Efficient Processing Equipments & First-Class Handcraft:

Our company owns many big scale manufacturing machines that help to produce parts with accuracy and standard, so that they can be compatible with each other to reduce occurrence of failure. All our staff are with rich manufacturing experience in the field and being staying with the company for years. Our staff welding skill and induction core wiring top other manufacturers in the field.

Vacuum Horizontal Cooking Mixer Machine

Packaging & Shipment:

Our machine is packaged in wooden box for overseas shipment, and inside is also protected for easily damaged parts. Wooden box is strong enough and we have not encountered any shipment accident.

We have shipment every day and have our own logistics department for handling packaging and delivery, to ensure on-time delivery safely without any delay.

Jam Making  Horizontal Cooking Mixer Machine

Customers' Visiting & Testing:

In our showroom, there are always newly manufactured machines for customers visiting and testing. We welcome customers all over the world coming to visit us and witness the good quality and easy operation of our machines.

Vacuum Horizontal Cooking Mixer Machine

Certifications & Patents:

Our manufacturing runs in accordance with strict procedures and follow all government rules and regulations. We have been granted many honors regarding quality of machines and their safe operation. We have CE & BV certifications for our products and 12 nos. patents.

Our Comany:

Jam Making  Horizontal Cooking Mixer Machine

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