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Knowledge Of Food Processing Machinery Equipment

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Knowledge of food processing machinery equipment
The total product cost is a comprehensive reflection of all economic effects in production, and it is also the basic starting point for food factories to choose food machinery.
Design requirements
The design of food machinery is a very complex technical subject. Due to the diversity and complexity of food raw materials and products, it is not only necessary to master the knowledge and skills necessary for general mechanical design, but also to understand the physics and chemistry of food and its raw materials Nature, food process and related engineering issues, even need to understand the knowledge of ergonomics and modeling design. But as the basic design requirements of food machinery can be summarized as the following points.
 food processing machinery equipment,cooking mixer machine
(1) Meet the established food process requirements and reflect the applicability and advancement of the process
Any mechanical design must meet functional requirements. To ensure the production of a certain quality product at a certain operating speed, the product quality must maintain uniformity and stability.
Food machinery is often required to produce products of different varieties or different quality. A machine or an assembly line adopts different raw material formulas, changes the process parameters or the working conditions of the equipment, and can produce a variety of foods. For example, a biscuit production line cannot only produce a single variety of biscuits. It must be able to replace various biscuit forming molds, and allow changing the baking time and temperature is a necessary condition for biscuit machinery.
When the milling machine manufactures various special flours or changes the variety of wheat raw materials, it is necessary to change the working parameters of the mill and adjust the powder circuit configuration. The design of food machinery equipment must provide the possibility of changing production conditions and provide convenience for users.
 food processing machinery equipment,cooking mixer machine
(2) The rationality, reliability and durability of the mechanical structure
This is a question considered purely from a mechanical point of view. The rationality of the structure of food machinery equipment includes the relationship between manufacturing and assembly, the choice of transmission mode, and the convenience provided for operation and maintenance. On the premise of meeting the requirements of technological functions, we strive to simplify the mechanism and structure of the machine.
The reliability and durability of food machinery equipment are inseparable concepts, which refer to the degree to which the machine maintains its original function within the specified service life under specified working conditions. It is related to the overall structure of the machine and the strength, rigidity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and interference resistance of the parts.

 food processing machinery equipment,cooking mixer machine
In modern mechanical engineering, reliability is an important indicator that cannot be ignored. For food machinery, its work requirements are often automated and continuous production lines. If a failure occurs in a certain link, it will cause the entire production line to fail. Work stoppage, even all the input raw materials are scrapped. The materials processed by the food machinery are often large in quantity, and some working parts are subject to friction and wear from the materials at all times, such as the grinding roller of the mill and the screw of the food extruder.杄 and sleeve.
It is very necessary to correctly determine the life and combination of machine parts to achieve reliable machine performance. However, the service life of machine parts is often difficult to calculate theoretically during design, and must be determined on the basis of actual measurement. It is necessary to point out a possible misconception that the life of machine parts is not the time from wear or fatigue to damage, but when it is about to fail to maintain its specified performance, that is, its life is considered to be terminated, and it cannot be replaced after damage is caused.
 food processing machinery equipment,cooking mixer machine
(3) Energy consumption of the machine
The energy consumption of general food processing machinery is often reflected in the efficiency of the transmission machinery. In food machinery, a large amount of energy is used to process and change the shape and performance of food. For example, the effective part of the energy in the concentration, drying, and baking operations is used to heat the material and evaporate the water. In the crushing and cutting operations, the energy is effective. Part is used to reduce the size of the material.
In addition, part of the energy must become frictional heat and be lost in the machine or the environment, or be taken away by the medium and become heat loss. my country is not an energy-rich country. Saving energy and improving energy utilization is also one of the factors to be considered in the design of food processing machinery equipment (including electricity, heat, etc.), as well as one of the factors to be considered in the purchase of machinery and equipment. At the same time, more natural and cheap energy should be used in light of regional conditions.
 food processing machinery equipment,cooking mixer machine
(4) Hygiene requirements
This is one of the basic characteristics that distinguish food machinery from other machinery. The country has promulgated the "Food Hygiene Law", which puts forward strict hygiene requirements for food production.
Non-toxic and corrosion-resistant materials must be used for parts in food machinery that are in direct contact with food materials. The parts in contact with the food must be easy to disassemble, so that it can be cleaned or cleaned at any time, and no dead corners that cannot be cleaned are not allowed in the structure to avoid the accumulation of materials and prevent the growth and reproduction of microorganisms in these parts.
The transmission lubrication of food machinery equipment also has different requirements from other machines. The transmission seal must be reliable to prevent lubricant from entering the food. Some open-type transmission parts need to be lubricated with edible grease or non-toxic grease, and some components do not need to be lubricated at all and use materials with self-lubricating properties, such as polytetrafluoroethylene. In the past, the food machinery used hydraulic transmission, in order to prevent pollution, now it is also changed to pneumatic transmission.

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