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The Benefits Of Establishing A Central Kitchen

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The so-called central kitchen is the use of refrigerated trucks to distribute dishes, and all directly-operated stores implement unified procurement and distribution. In the past, the restaurant’s purchasing method was that, except for dry goods, all fresh vegetables were purchased from directly-operated stores. After adopting the central kitchen distribution, it will save about 30% of the cost compared with the traditional distribution. The central kitchen adopts a huge operating room, and all links such as purchasing, vegetable selection, vegetable cutting, and seasoning are assigned by dedicated personnel. The semi-finished products and the prepared seasonings are transported to the branch within the designated time by a unified transportation method.
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Principles of Central Kitchen Design:
(1) Use advanced and reliable new technology, new technology, new equipment, such as food sauce cooking mixers machine, the production process is as continuous and mechanized as possible.
(2) Adopt advanced and feasible process indicators, and on the premise that the process indicators can be reached, try to shorten the integrated path of the process flow and reduce the transportation equipment.
(3) Make full use of raw materials, and try to achieve comprehensive utilization while obtaining high product yields and ensuring high product quality.
(4) Consider the possibility of processing different raw materials and producing different products.
(5) Consider the possibility of processing the same raw material and producing different products.
(6) To ensure safe production, the food process should be equipped with complete control instruments and safety facilities, such as safety valves, alarms, flame arresters, breathing valves, pressure gauges, thermometers, etc. All of the above Longze brand commercial food cooking mixers machines can be used, and the heating medium should be high temperature, low pressure, non-flammable and explosive materials as far as possible.

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The benefits of building a central kitchen:
1. It is possible to overcome the high production cost and make it possible to reduce the cost on a large scale.
2. It makes the uniformity of finished products in terms of quality and taste more obvious, and the concept of fast food distribution is closer to the scope of standardization.
3. It is possible to use the "central kitchen" as the main direction of investment and technological transformation, so that scattered chain stores and small fast-food restaurants will no longer divert limited financial and material resources, which simplifies the operation process of scientific and technological investment.
4. Save time, labor, money, increase the added value of products, maximize corporate profits, and ensure the consistency of product quality and hygiene standards.

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