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Basic Requirements For Food Processing Machinery Equipment

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Basic requirements for food processing machinery equipment
1. Technical and economic indicators
The extent to which any mechanical equipment can be promoted and used in social production is first determined by its technical and economic indicators, and food machinery is no exception. Of course, for all types of food machinery, there are some different requirements from other machinery and equipment. The sum of all these requirements forms the guiding ideology for the research and design of new food machinery.
 food processing machinery equipment,sauce cooking mixer machine
In the final analysis, it is to strive to make suitable food production machinery and equipment at a low cost, and use these food machinery equipment to produce a variety of foods that meet the requirements at a low cost.
(1) Unit production capacity
Unit production capacity refers to the ability of mechanical equipment to produce food products, that is, the rate of production of a certain kind of food, such as how many moon cakes can be baked per unit time (hour) in a tunnel oven. Food production is often an assembly line operation. In the production line, there are always many food processing machines and equipment to complete a product in a certain order. For example, the moon cake production line consists of ingredients, mixing, stirring, molding, baking, packaging and other equipment. There are various conveying and auxiliary equipment in the middle.
The production capacity of each food processing equipment must be balanced and consistent. Otherwise, the capacity of some machinery and equipment cannot be fully utilized, while the other part is in a state of insufficient capacity. The production capacity of the entire production assembly line can only be based on a piece of equipment with low production capacity in the assembly line.
 food processing machinery equipment,sauce cooking mixer machine
The advancement of machine technology does not depend on production capacity or production rate. The production scale of food factories varies greatly, depending on a series of factors such as product variety, raw material supply, consumption range, and transportation conditions. That is to say, even the machinery and equipment that produce the same kind of food products often require various production capacities to form a certain series.
Generally speaking, the larger the scale of production, the higher the economic efficiency, and the more beneficial the management of product quality. But for food with limited shelf life, production is restricted by market consumption, and the shelf life of food safety storage and seasonality of raw material supply must also be considered. At the same time, people's demand for food tends to be more and more varieties. Therefore, the rational scale of food machinery must be specifically analyzed according to demand.
 food processing machinery equipment,sauce cooking mixer machine
The parameters of food production are often changeable, so production capacity often needs to allow multiple speed adjustments, and speed-regulating motors are used to drive the entire production line.
(2) Consumption coefficient
The internal consumption coefficient refers to the raw materials and energy consumed by machinery and equipment to produce a unit weight or unit volume of products, including raw materials, fuel, steam, water, electricity, lubricants, wear of parts, and machine depreciation. The consumption coefficient is not only related to the adopted process route, but also closely related to the design of food machinery equipment. For example, in food production, there are often operations such as evaporation, drying, baking, etc., which consume a lot of heat energy.) Longze Machinery uses different heat sources and structures in the design of food machinery equipment, which may achieve different effects on technical and economic indicators. Generally speaking, the lower the consumption factor, the better.

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