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Overview Of Food Processing Machinery Equipment

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Overview of food processing machinery and equipment
Food machinery is a machine that processes food raw materials into food (or semi-finished products).
Food is the material basis for human survival, reproduction and social development, and it occupies an important position in human life. With the development of social productivity and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people are no longer satisfied with the primary food needed for survival, but require industrial processing to provide high-quality, diverse, nutritious, hygienic and safe, convenient and affordable, and flavorful. Special foods to meet the needs of people of different ages, occupations, health conditions and different eating habits. China's food industry has made great progress in recent years, and people's living standards have improved rapidly. my country's food resources are also very rich and the market is vast, so the food industry is an industry that never declines.
 food processing machinery equipment
The modernization of food machinery is an important indicator of the development level of a country's food industry. The technological progress of the food machinery industry provides an important guarantee for the rapid development of the food manufacturing industry and food processing industry. The development of food industry has driven the development of food machinery, and the development of food machinery has ensured and promoted the development of food industry. It should be said that food processing machinery is also a part of the food industry.
my country's food machinery industry (industry) started late. Before liberation, except for a few imported equipment from abroad, my country's food industry was basically handicraft workshop-style production, and the food machinery industry was in a blank state. For a long period of time after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, only a small amount of food machinery and equipment could be produced, with fewer varieties.
 food processing machinery equipment
In the past two decades, with the implementation of the policy of opening to the outside world and economic reform, the food industry and food machinery industry have developed rapidly, and the product variety, output and output value have increased significantly. The introduction of technology and equipment has also promoted the improvement of domestic technology. The gap with the world's advanced level. According to incomplete statistics, there are thousands of domestic enterprises producing food machinery, and the product varieties have grown to several thousand.
Due to the wide variety of raw materials and products processed by food machinery, most of the raw materials have biological properties, and the products must be accepted by human physiology and habits. The processing process is very complicated and changeable, and the physical and chemical forms are also processed by general machinery. The materials are very different, including solid phase, liquid phase and gas phase, as well as various types of powder and granular materials, fruits and vegetables, meat, flexible dough, non-flowing slurry, colloid and suspension, etc. The types of food machinery are also extremely diverse, with different requirements.
food processing machinery equipment
Food machinery involves a wide range of knowledge. It is not only necessary to master the general mechanism structure and working principle, but also to have a deep understanding of the requirements of various food processing technologies, including various physical and chemical processes of materials.On this basis, it can be studied and matched. More complete food machinery.
The current food machinery processing is inseparable from microelectronics technology, and the food industry and food machinery are no exception. All kinds of machinery and equipment must be developed in the direction of electromechanical integration, using microelectronic technology to detect and monitor the process. Food machinery and equipment are not only required to improve labor productivity, but also to ensure product quality and improve sanitary conditions.

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