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Commercial Use Electric Jacketed Kettle Pot For Paste|Gas Cooking Mixer Machine With Agitator

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Fully automatic new jacketed kettle cooker mixer , can fry vegetables, condiments, (sauce, sauce) and medicinal baking, etc. According to the requirements of different production processes, the material weight and temperature, mixing speed, heating time and gas volume can be precisely adjusted and designed to ensure product quality.
Steam Heated Manual Jacketed Kettle Cooking Mixer For Blueberry Jam Price
Cooking Pot Jacketed Kettle Features:
1. The commercial jacketed cooking mixer pot is a tiltable jacketed kettle pot, which solves the problem of difficult to discharge and difficult to clean when mixing.
2. The automatic cooking mixer jacket kettle heats up quickly and saves energy. Thereby increasing product output.
3. The bottom scraping mixing system completely solves the problem of not destroying the nutritional components of high-viscosity materials and reaches the green environmental protection standard. It is an ideal choice for food manufacturers.
4. The pot body of the stainless steel steam jacketed kettle can be tilted, and it can be operated fully automatically to improve production efficiency. It is widely used in meat products, fried stuffing, sauces, prepared foods, candy, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, beverages, cans, and can also be used for porridge boiling water and rice cooking in large restaurants or canteens.
Gas Heating 200 Liter Double Jacketed Cooking Pot/Cooking Sugar Jacketed Kettle
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