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Horizontal Cooking Mixer

Horizontal Powder Mixer Machine For Pharmaceuticals Food

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Horizontal Mixer Machine Applications
Can be used for Solid Food and Powder.FeaturesSuitable for Solid Food and Powder.Auto lifting cover, Auto tilting bowl.Horizontal Mixing Style.Two Mixing Arms can mix completely.

The Best Horizontal Mixer Machine Mixing  for Powder Products

Details Introduced
1. The Horizontal Industrial Powder Mixer Machine stirring time can be set with electric control.When the specified time is reached, the machine will stop, ensuring the quality of each stirring.
2. The Horizontal Powder Mixer Machine reverses the material reciprocally through mechanical rotation to obtain even mixing.
The Best Horizontal Mixer Machine Mixing  for Powder Products
This Horizontal Mixer Machine for pharmaceuticals food is use stainless steel horizontal trough mixer, suitable for mixing powder or paste materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.Can do cooling during the mixing process (optional).Variable mixing speed.Clockwise and Anti-clockwise mixing system.

Vacuum Horizontal Cooking Mixer Machine

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