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Tiltable Food Cooking Mixer Machine

Cooking Mixer Machine Capacity 100-650l&Cooking Mixer Price

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Longze Machinery Industrial cooking mixer machine has a stirring function, can realize a microcomputer control system, and can realize unmanned operation: temperature control automation can accurately control the temperature, environmental protection and energy saving, and this technology occupies a leading position in the country. It can be self-turning and tilting, and can fry various sauces and granular materials.

Cooking Curry Paste Thai-curry Sauce Cooking Mixer Machine
Cooking mixer machine heating method:
Steam heating, electric heating, gas heating, etc. The temperature rises quickly, the temperature is high, and the surface of the pot can reach 260 degrees, so that the material can be evenly fryed through the turning plate.

Industrial Automatic Cooking Kettle Mixer Machine Cooking With Gas Heating For Hot Sauce 
Stirring method:
The rotating speed of the agitator of the industrial cooking mixer machine is adjusted by frequency conversion, and the stepless speed regulation is realized within 0-26rpm. The scraper adopts the method of revolution and rotation. The structure of the agitator and the scraper is unique. The mixing of materials is more uniform and the bottom scraping is more thorough , It is not easy to produce the phenomenon of sticking pot.

China Factory Newly Designed Electric Induction Cooking Mixer Machine Food Cooking 
Advantages of automatic industrial cooking mixer machine:
We have adopted two patented technologies in the manufacture of fully automatic industrial cooking mixer machines, which are different from the manufacturing processes of other food machinery counterparts; all food machinery including accessories have achieved standardized design and production. Longze Machinery's fully automatic food cooking mixer machine must undergo a 24-hour test run before leaving the factory, and it can be shipped only after it is qualified.


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