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Industrial Cooking Mixer Machine

Industrial Cooking Mixer Machine|Automatic Cooking Mixer Machine

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The fully automatic industrial cooking mixer machine can be used not only as a cooking pot, but also as a frying pot, such as soy milk, porridge, bone broth, fillings, and stir-fry. All stainless steel material is corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant, and the service life can reach 10 years. A variety of heating methods are available to ensure that you can use it under any conditions.
Restaurant Automatic Cooking Mixer Kettles For Soups,Broths,Sauces 
This industrial cooking mixer machine has a complete range of fully automatic equipment models, and customers can choose according to the output. In addition, manufacturers can make exclusive customization according to the actual requirements of customers. This is a multi-function cooking mixer machine, one pot is multi-purpose.

Restaurant Automatic Cooking Mixer Kettles For Soups,Broths,Sauces 
Industrial cooking mixer machine operation and use:
1. Inspection equipment: Check the industrial mixer cooking machine equipment before use. All control and operating parts should be in good condition, and the pan body should be in a vertical state. Confirm that the supply gas is consistent with the type of gas indicated on the equipment nameplate. Clean the inside and outside with detergent. The surface can not be put into use until it is cleaned.
2. Adding materials: Add food, water, etc. to the fully automatic industrial cooking mixer machine.
3. Turn on the power: press the "motor start" switch, the green button, the stirrer starts to stir. Choose low speed first, and then choose high speed or low speed according to cooking requirements. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the speed of the reducer when the motor is stopped.

Restaurant Automatic Cooking Mixer Kettles For Soups,Broths,Sauces 
Burner ignition:
1. Confirm that the knobs on the operation panel, the long open flame knob and the ignition rod knob are in the fully closed position, and then open the main gas valve.
2. Turn on the ignition rod knob, ignite the ignition rod, insert the ignition port in the lower part of the combustion chamber, and turn on the long open flame knob at the same time to ignite the long open burner.
3. Pull out the ignition rod, close the knob, and place the ignition rod in place.
4. Push down the knobs of the fire plate and turn them to the fully open position. At this time, the fire plate burner will ignite automatically. The inner ring burner should be used first, and the outer ring burner should be used after confirming that the combustion state is good.
5. Firepower adjustment: If you need to use a low fire to cook food, you can turn the inner and outer ring knobs from the fully open position to the low fire position by half a turn, or turn off any burner.
6. End the operation: After the food is processed, stop heating, restore the main burner knob and the long open flame burner knob to the off position, turn off the gas main knob, and press the "motor stop" switch, red button, and stirrer at the appropriate time Stop stirring, and then turn off the main power supply.

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