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Industrial Cooking Mixer Machine

Cooking Mixer Machine&Industrial Cooking Pot With Mixer

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As the current food industry is developing along the trend of high competition, low profits, and generally increasing labor costs, food processing companies must face the choice of equipment replacement; the original commercial cooking mixer machine equipment has complicated operations, cumbersome processes, and low production efficiency. The cooking mixer machine has increased the wages of workers and the cost of production. Compared with Longze Machinery's new industrial cooking mixer machine with mixer, this production method is undoubtedly uncompetitive and competitive.
Electric Induction Automatic Mixer Cooking Machine Cooking Meat For Cooking Ground Beef 
Therefore, food companies need to solve the problem of increasing production automation. The use of Longze brand multifunctional sauce industrial cooking mixer machine can effectively solve the efficient and standardized standard production in the frying stage of food processing.

Industrial Gas Heating Stainless Steel Mixer Cooking Machine With Agitator For Sale 
Parameters Of Automatic Industrial Cooking Pot With Mixer:
Specification: 300L inner diameter 1000mm
Power: 24kw

China Factory Newly Designed Electric Induction Cooking Mixer Machine Food Cooking 
Technical Parameters:
1. Rated voltage: three-phase power ~~380V
2. Rated power: 24kw
3. Heating method: gas, electromagnetic, steam. Thermal oil
4. Material: 304 stainless steel

Industrial Stainless Steel Mixer Cooking Machine With Agitator For Sale
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