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Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Machine Customer Test Site Video

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Popcorn machine customer test site video

Intelligent Gas Popcorn Machine     

Longze designed and manufactured popcorn machines with gas heating and electromagnetic induction heating separately aim to meet customers' demand for big capacity in an economical way. It can be combined with our production line to reach even bigger capacity upto 6 tons per day. If less productivity is required, it can also work along with a short production line with min. length 7 meters.


ball shape popcorn machine

ball shape popcorn machine

Main features of gas popcorn machine:
-220V/380V/50Hz or as customized
-Power 3Kw
-Pot size 100L, φ700mm, 4mm thickness, hemisphere shape; SUS304
-Approx. 55kg/h capacity
-All stainless SUS304, including bolts and base plates
-LPG gas heating
-Automatic operation with control panel
-Planetary mixing to avoid burnt or sticky together
-Famous brand gear motor reducer, silent mode and no need maintenance
-Directly produce flavored/seasoning/savory popcorns, no need other coating machine
-Durable quality to enable continuous operation 24/7.

Popcorn Production Line


ball shape popcorn machine line


ball shape popcorn machine

Main features of popcorn production line:
-The whole system runs automatically after turning on power.
-Functions of popcorn production line mainly include: conveying, detaching, cooling and sifting.
-Making popcorns cool enough and be ready for packaging.
-Powerful fans and side fans are equipped wherever required to make sure better cooling effect.
-All parts are made of stainless steel SUS304 (even for base plates and bolts), world-known suitable steel  for food materials, durable and easy to clean .
-Heavy-duty casters are installed for easy transfer and movement.
-Durable motors can work constantly 24/7.
-Variable conveying speed and sifting speed, adjustable via control panel.

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