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Commercial Popcorn Production Line Industrial Electric Caramel Chocolate Cream Popcorn Machine Video

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This kind of ball shape popcorn machine can directly make a variety of popcorn with different flavors, without the need for additional coated machine, which helps customers save costs and improve efficiency. Among all our products, this type Flavored Popcorn Making Machine Production Line is the best economical one.
The Industrial Caramel Popcorn Production Line is composed of four parts: Conveying, Breaking Up, Cooling, Sifting. Our Caramel Popcorn Production Line can be installed with the conveyor part of production. The shortest length of popcorn is 7 meters, and it can be equipped with a popcorn machine.
You can choose different lengths according to your production needs.
-The system includes separating, fan cooling, sifting, etc.
-Powerful fans help to cool down in short time
-Durable motors can work constantly
-Safe operation

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