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The Best Commercial Popcorn Production Line And Popcorn Machine

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This Commercial Kettle Popcorn Prodution Line can be placed up to six machines, high efficiency.The line contains cooling, sifting, converying and detaching , dirctly package,saving manpower and time.
Commercial Kettle Popcorn Prodution Line Machine Caramel Popcorn Coating Machine:
Continuous Drum Roaster
To continuous roast and puffing corn into pop corn.
To separate the small pieces popcorn and waste.
Reserve Tank C/w Cyclone Blower
The good roasted popcorn will drop into the hopper and cyclone blower will transfer the popcorn into the reserve tank by stainless steel pipe.
Mesh Conveyor
To transfer the coated popcorn into cooling separator.
Cooling Separator Sieving Drum
To cool down the coated popcorn and sieve out the small broken piece before collection / packaging
Collection Tray
To collect finished products.

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