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Longze Machinery Exhibition Hall To Visit The Food Processing Machinery And Equipment

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Longze Machinery Exhibition Hall to visit the food processing machinery and equipment
Questions and answers about sauce base cooking mixer machine
Q: How much does it cost to buy a sauce frying machine? Haven't decided which model
Answer: There are many types of sauce frying machines, different sizes, and different heating methods, various labor costs, and material cost differences are also very large. This cannot be generalized. The specific thing is to consult the manufacturer.
 sauce cooking mixer machine,food processing machinery
Q: What materials are used in the sauce frying machine? It’s not too bad
Answer: According to relevant industry standards, the sauce bottom cooking mixer machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the equipment error is plus or minus 0.02mm
Q: What is the feed capacity of the sauce frying machine? Is it 750 kg
Answer: The feeding capacity of the sauce frying machine is different according to the size of the pot body. Our company has 100-650L frying cooker mixer machine.
Q: Can you make a brief introduction to the sauce frying machine?
Answer: The imported one-time stamping shaped hemispherical full 304 stainless steel pot body has smooth sphericity, high angle fit with the stirring blade, no paste pot, and long service life. Clean and easy to clean.
 sauce cooking mixer machine,food processing machinery
The frame parts are all made of 304 stainless steel and polished to meet the requirements of the Food Hygiene Law of the People's Republic of China. They have beautiful appearance, reasonable design, compact structure, easy installation, simple operation and easy maintenance.
Question: How is the structure and working of the sauce bottom cooking mixer machine structure?
Answer: The pot body is a double-layer structure composed of inner and outer spherical pot bodies, and the middle interlayer is heated by steam. There are fixed, tiltable, stirring and other styles. The sandwich pot has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time of liquid material, easy control of heating temperature, beautiful appearance, easy installation, convenient operation, safe and reliable heat preservation, anti-scald and so on.
 sauce cooking mixer machine,food processing machinery
Q: Are there any precautions during using the sauce base cooking mixer machine?
Answer: Requirement 1. It is recommended to use a standard copper core power cord of more than 6mm.
2. The tabletop where the induction cooker is placed must be flat, otherwise the gravity of the pot body will force the furnace body to be deformed or even damaged.
3. The operation of the control box should strictly follow the instructions.
4. After the work is finished, turn off the electromagnetism to prevent the empty wok from burning. In order to keep clean, every time the pot body is used, it should be washed once.

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