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What Are The Characteristics Of The Automatic Cooking Mixer Kettle Machine?

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What are the characteristics of the automatic cooking mixer kettle machine?
Large-scale canteen fully automatic cooking mixer kettle machine, high-viscosity planetary mixing cooking kettle pot, planetary mixing cooking machine, stepless variable speed motor, suitable for frying of different products, and multiple heating methods to meet the needs of different customers.

Large-scale canteen fully automatic cooking mixer kettle machine,Commercial Cooking Jacketed Kettle With Agitator Cooking Mixer For Jams/Sauce/Paste 
Features of large-scale canteen automatic cooking mixer kettle machine:
1. The equipment uses gas (liquefied gas, natural gas,) electromagnetic heating as energy source.
2. With automatic stirring manipulator, according to the cooking process requirements, the speed of rotating stirring can be steplessly adjusted, which is very convenient.
3. The stainless steel pot body inside and outside can be manually turned, tilted, safe, hygienic and easy to clean through a worm gear attached device, and it is very convenient to feed and unload.
4. The unique burner has full combustion and high thermal efficiency.
5. The automatic cooking mixer kettle machine has two characteristics: automatic stir-frying and tilting out of the pot. Because the machine automatically stirs and stirs evenly, the productivity is improved, the energy consumption is reduced, and the energy is saved. The pot body rotates along the horizontal axis, and the stirring fork in the pot moves the dishes to scrape up and throw down, and the machine automatically stirs. If you feel that the frequency of stir-frying is low, you can also adjust the speed through the frequency converter to increase the speed of the rotating pan Increase the frequency of stir-frying.

Large-scale canteen fully automatic cooking mixer kettle machine,Commercial Cooking Jacketed Kettle With Agitator Cooking Mixer For Jams/Sauce/Paste 
Product features---ensure the uniform color of the material, the same quality of each pot, consistent color, strong fragrance and crisp taste.
1. Quality digital control: frying temperature, time and drum speed can be adjusted according to different materials. The material temperature is accurately controlled by ±℃, automatically alarms, and the material is automatically turned over and discharged. You can choose whether to add a heating carrier according to the different materials and processes, which can be continuously mass-produced, saving labor costs and energy costs.
2. Better quality: microcomputer digital temperature control and timing, easy to control processing technology. Ensure that the food is delicious and consistent in color.
3. Save labor cost: The use of fully automated operation reduces labor intensity and reduces the number of laborers.
4. Long service life: using imported high-end configuration, stainless steel material, scientific and humanized design, rigorous attitude and perfect service ensure the long-term use of the machine.
Because the machine automatically stirs and stirs evenly, the amount of feed per pot can be increased, and the number of pots per day can be reduced, thereby reducing auxiliary time, improving productivity, reducing energy consumption, and saving energy. The automatic cooking mixer kettle machine also has the characteristics of a gas-fired tilting cooking mixer machine.

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