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How To Replace The Heating Tube Of The Electric Heating Heat Conduction Oil Cooking Mixer Machine?

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How to replace the heating tube of the electric heating heat conduction oil cooking mixer machine?
1. The heating tube is generally round and the heating end is fixed on the bottom of the mixer cooking machine with a nut and a sealing ring. Some heating pipes have a sealing ring on each side of the fixed end, and some have only one sealing ring. This seal needs to be installed inside the effect. better.
2. Turn the electric heating mixer cooking machine upside down and you will find a cover plate on the bottom. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the four corner screws.

electric heating heat conduction oil cooking mixer machine,Big Capacity Industrial Planetary Sauce Cooking Mixer Machine 
3. After opening the back cover, find the fixed end of the heating tube, and use an open wrench to remove the fixing screw of the heating tube power cord. When disassembling, try not to touch the detection circuit of the thermostat. The interior is hollow and easy to break.
4. Next, you need to use a suitable adjustable wrench to unscrew the large nut that fixes the heating tube counterclockwise. If you don't have a suitable adjustable wrench, you can clamp it with strong pliers, so that the movable space is slightly smaller and easier to disassemble.

electric heating heat conduction oil cooking mixer machine,Big Capacity Industrial Planetary Sauce Cooking Mixer Machine 
5. After loosening the nut, first remove the probe of the thermostat from the heating tube, and then take out the entire heating tube.
6. If the new heating tube has only one sealing ring, you can place the sealing ring on the fixed end first, so that the sealing ring is inside the heating mixer cooking machine. If the bottom of the outer mixer cooking machine is placed, it is easy to leak water and cause a short circuit.

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