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What Are The Benefits Of Using An Industrial Electromagnetic Cooking Mixer Kettle for Bean Paste?

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What are the benefits of using an industrial electromagnetic cooking mixer kettle machine for bean paste fillings?
1.Environmental protection and energy saving: The electric heating bean paste filling cooking mixer kettle machine is heated to the pot body through electromagnetic heating, and the temperature can reach about 260 degrees.
2. Large capacity: the pot body is designed into a semi-circular shape, the maximum can reach 1000L, and it can fry 500kg fillings.
3. Non-stick pan: The bean paste filling cooking mixer kettle machine manufacturer has set up a special bottom scraping stirring system, which has a high degree of fit with the pan body and no dead ends.
4. Convenient for pouring: crank it by hand, the pot can be tilted, which is convenient for pouring.
5. Non-toxic and harmless: the pot material is food-grade 304 stainless steel, and the stirrer is PTFE, special for food, high temperature resistance.
6. Adjustable temperature: the temperature is automatically displayed, allowing you to see at a glance.

Industrial Electromagnetic Cooking Mixer Kettle for Bean Paste,Onion Commercial Induction Automatic Cooking Mixer Machine 
7. Frequency conversion speed regulation: There is a special frequency conversion speed regulation system, mixing can be fast or slow, convenient and quick.
8. Convenient operation: The humanized design of the bean paste filling cooking mixer kettle machine equipment can be operated by one person, which can save labor.
One, delicious and fresh
The temperature is adjusted by the microcomputer chip control system, no matter your cooking skill is high or low, you can fry excellent, fragrant and delicious delicious dishes, so that the nutrition will not be destroyed. It's really delicious.
2. Convenient and fast
Put in the main ingredients and auxiliary ingredients at once, select the ingredient type system, touch the button, and the general home-cooked dishes can be eaten in only three or five minutes.
Three, easy operation
Industry experts in the research and development of the canteen cooking machine pointed out that the automatic canteen cooking machine has an automatic stir-frying function. As long as the vegetables and auxiliary ingredients are added, the oil will be automatically stirred at a certain temperature, which solves the messy phenomenon of cooking and makes the cooking process truly a kind of enjoy.

Industrial Electromagnetic Cooking Mixer Kettle for Bean Paste,Gas Heating 200 Liter Double Jacketed Cooking Pot/Cooking Sugar Jacketed Kettle 
Fourth, save time and energy
An infrared light wave heater is designed on the bottom and top of the canteen cooking machine equipment, and adopts a ring-shaped three-dimensional closed heating, so the heat loss is very small, so the cooking time of each dish can be shortened by half, and the cooking power consumption It is only 40% of the electricity used for cooking with ordinary electric kitchenware, and the cooking oil is 1/2 of that of ordinary cooking. Save energy and save money!
Five, safe and secure
This kind of industrial automatic cooking mixer machine equipment adopts all-inclusive electric heating, which is safe and guaranteed. Microcomputer intelligent control system + automatic stir fry + imitate stir fry blast system + hands free. Only the main ingredients and auxiliary materials are put into the cooking mixer kettle machine together, and the upper cover is lowered to automatically couple. The cooking process is automatically carried out, and the cooking process is automatically carried out.
Six, save effort and trouble
The food is wrapped in the middle and heated in all directions, the heat energy is fully utilized, so that the meat and vegetables are cooked at the same time, which saves energy and time.

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