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automatic sugar coating machine

Star Anise Flavoring Machine Agitation Tea Flavoring Mixer Barrel

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After nuts being drained free from oil, they will be immediately and automatically discharged into the Commercial Star Anise Mixing Machine for coating with sesame, coco powder, fruit powder, etc. to get different flavors. The Star Anise Mixing Machine can rotate clockwise and anticlockwise and turn automaticaly or manually 360 degrees for easy loading and discharging.


The material falls into the drum, is driven by the stirring blade to move upward, falls from the top, and is mixed with the seasoning powder. During the working process, there is always seasoning in the dusting box. If the seasoning is insufficient, it should be added in time.

The round ball of the octagonal seasoning machine is designed in octagonal shape, which avoids the disadvantages of the raw materials of the round ball seasoning machine not rolling, fully mixing the raw materials, and there is no dead corner in the barrel of the seasoning machine, and it is more convenient to clean up, and it can pour out the material and easy to use.The sphere is made of stainless steel.

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