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automatic sugar coating machine

Star Anise Mixing Machine|Star Anise Seasoning Mixer Machine

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Wholesale Industrial star anise seasoning machine for snack processing, coated nuts mixing machine automatic from Longze machinery.
Star Anise Mixing Machine|Star Anise Seasoning Mixer Machine
Star Anise Seasoning Mixer Machine
After nuts being drained free from oil, they will be immediately and automatically discharged into the Commercial Star Anise Mixing Machine for coating with sesame, coco powder, fruit powder, etc. to get different flavors. The Star Anise Mixing Machine can rotate clockwise and anticlockwise and turn automaticaly or manually 360 degrees for easy loading and discharging.
Star Anise Mixing Machine|Star Anise Seasoning Mixer Machine


Automatic continuous flavoring machine frying powder seasoning machine star anise mixer, You can get more details about from Longze machinery site.
China Seasoning Mixing Anise Flavoring Machine, The anise seasoning blender is made of stainless steel, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and meets food hygiene requirements. Simple operation and automatic discharge. After the work is completed, the material can be discharged automatically by simply turning on the material.
The anise seasoning blender can be used to season and mix a variety of products such as peanut,walnut,Various nut coating,broad beans, sunflower seeds, rice crackers, beef jerky, beef kernels, etc. It is easy to operate and cheap, and it is popular among small food processing plants.
Star Anise Mixing Machine|Star Anise Seasoning Mixer Machine

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