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Industrial Cooking Mixer Machine

Industrial Automatic Cooking Kettle Mixer Machine Cooking With Gas Heating For Hot Sauce

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The industrial automatic planetary stirring cooking kettle mixer machine is mainly used for mixing and frying materials with viscosity. The processing of this material has its particularity. If the planetary stirring automatic cooking kettle mixer is not used in the process of processing, it is very easy to stick to the pot. So time-consuming and labor-intensive materials, even if it can be processed, the taste is not good.
Industrial Automatic Cooking Kettle Mixer Machine Cooking With Gas Heating For Hot Sauce
The feature of the planetary stirring cooking with gas heating for hot sauce is that the stirring process scrapes the bottom and the edges, and there is no dead corner stirring, so that even high-viscosity materials will not stick to the pan and paste the pan. Therefore, if you want to process viscous materials, you must choose an industrial whole Automatic planetary stirring wok; such as sauces with meat, thick hot pot bottoms, various fillings that need to be stir-fried, boiled sugar, etc.
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The hot sauce stirring mixer cooking machine has a special and novel stirring form. There are two or three multi-layer paddle agitators and one or two automatic scrapers in the kettle. While the agitator revolves around the axis of the pot body, it also rotates around its own axis at different speeds.
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