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Industrial Pressure Cooker Equipment 100-600 Liters

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Longze industrial pressure cooker represent the latest innovations in pressure-braising technology. Two safety latches provide an extra measure of safety for users opening the lid at the end of the cycle.
Industrial pressure cooker creating high-pressure steam has two effects: it raises the boiling point, which substantially decreases cook times, and it prevents evaporation, making foods more tender. It’s a great way to soften foods, such as tougher cuts of meat, and deepen flavor while saving time and energy.
Industrial Pressure Cooker Equipment 100-600 Liters
This industrial pressure cooker is large enough for most of your factory canning needs. 
It reduces energy consumption and saves cooking time. The capacity of this pressure cooking equipment ranges from 100 liters to 600 liters.
Industrial pressure cooker is an autoclave cooking equipment. It is designed for high efficient heat treatment of a wide range of food products and non-food products. 
Industrial Pressure Cooker Equipment 100-600 Liters
Product Features of Industrial Pressure Cooker:
1. Higher quality cooked foods.
2. Less water consumption.
3. Energy saving.
4. Temperature controlling & monitoring.
5. Safe operation with automatic pressure release valve, thick steel reliable under pressure.
6. Food grade materials.Wide application for all kinds of food or snack stuff.
7. Large capacity up to 600 liters.
8. Fully automatic operation with user-friendly control panel.
9. Shorter cooking times.

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