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Industrial Pressure Cooker/Pressure Kettle Commercial

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Industrial pressure kettle is designed for highly efficient heat treatment under pressure. You can use it for cooking and stewing a wide range of food products at temperatures up to 120 °C and pressure up to 0.3 Mpa.
Thanks to a considerably short cooking time, the finished product retains maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, also its attractive appearance, perfect taste, and smell.pressure kettle for meat beans vegetables.
Suitable products :
Industrial Pressure Cooker/Pressure Kettle Commercial
The cooking process may controlled by a PLC display with the possibility of storing data with transmission on usb key.
The cooking kettle is made of high-quality stainless steel AISI304 suitable for use in the food industry. 
Electric actuator for lid opening
The mechanism allows lids to he automatically opened from the ground using a  controller that opens and closes the lid as desired
Rapid heating allows optimum estimation of the heat treatment time of the product in the boiler and prevents its booming. Thanks to the intense circulation of water through the pump, the tank walls do not burn. The other option is direct steam.
Direct steam option benefits
Instantaneous Heating
Process Flexibility
Reduced Energy Consumption
Lower Maintenance Cost

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