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Multifunctional Industrial Commercial Pressure Cooker For Stewing Meat

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Multifunctional Industrial Commercial Pressure Cooker For Stewing Meat
Reduce energy bills using multifunctional pressure cooker
The combines autoclave cooking benefits with those of a pre-programmable automatic mixing function, allowing you to cook food and mix at the same time. Fully configurable, this high pressure electric cooker allows different types of preset cooking ie. steaming, boiling, pressure cooking, braising and browning, to produce everything from sauces to jams, meat dishes to steamed vegetables, and much more. With a 30-40% shorter cooking time and up to 70% reduced water consumption, there is less shrinkage in weight resulting in better quality food production and the added bonus of a 40-60% saving in overall energy consumption.
Optimizing production processes and human resources to reduce energy consumption and save time and money is a priority, especially in the most advanced centralized kitchens.
Cooking kettles for cooking under pressure are designed for highly efficient heat treatment of a wide range of food products at temperatures up to 120 °C and pressure up to 0.3 Mpa.
Pressure cookers are ideal for cooking and stewing meat, vegetables, legumes and cereals. The finished product will retain the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
Thanks to a considerably short cooking time, the product retains an attractive appearance, better taste, and smell.
Baskets are made of stainless steel SUS304. They are centered and inserted into each other by a special mechanism to ensure their stability. The basic model series includes cookers with one, two or three baskets. Optionally, the cooker can be equipped with an additional reservoir for technological water, which significantly saves time and energy for heating and cooling.
Multifunctional Industrial Commercial Pressure Cooker For Stewing Meat
Boiler heating system can be in several variants:
1) Direct steam injection into the product
2) Duplicator system – using steam, thermal oil, or overheated water
3) Direct electric heating
Rapid heating allows optimum estimation of the heat treatment time of the product in the boiler and prevents its booming. Thanks to the intense
circulation of water through the pump, the tank walls do not burn. Rapid cooling is achieved by means of an duplicator or direct spraying of cold
water into the product.
Working volume 100 L-600 L
Pressure up to 0.3 Mpa
Cooking temperature up to 120 degrees
Electric heating the boiler is equipped with electric spirals at the bottom. This heating method can be used only for products that are cooked in the basket. In this case, the working capacity of the boiler is reduced.

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