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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Steam Jacketed Kettle

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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Steam Jacketed Kettle
Specifying Steam-Jacketed Kettles
Here are five considerations foodservice operators should take into account when purchasing a steam-jacketed kettle.
Space Availability: Space is a consideration, since these units are typically large. The applications will dictate whether a shallow or low-height kettle is necessary.
Kettle Type: A two-third jacketed kettle is best for slow cooking, but if time is a factor, a fully jacketed kettle provides more heat on the interior surface, which speeds up cooking time.
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Utilities: Determine the available fuel or power source, such as gas or electric, prior to purchasing a kettle. In addition, confirm the floor drain and trough location, hood height and water availability for filling and cleaning when specifying these units.
Usage: Take into account the types of food being cooked and preparation methods when specifying kettles. For example, items like stew may require a 3-inch draw-off valve so bigger food pieces can be accommodated. Options like baskets should be included for operations boiling different types of pasta at one time.
Batch Sizes: Prior to specifying, operators need to determine the products and batch sizes they will cook. It is always best to size up rather than down. Also take into consideration the future needs of the kettle.
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