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Nowadays, popcorn has become anytime snack around the world, everyone likes it. As it is said, necessity is the mother of invention, now introduces popcorn making machines, which can use to manufacture popcorn on large scale. The machine user can further pack the different flavours popcorns (same as potato chips) and distribute them in market, making popcorn available to everyone and earning great profits.
The LONGZE popcorn making machine production equipment has passed the strict testing of the European CE certification testing agency and obtained the license, which marks that our new product has obtained the pass of the European Union countries.
popcorn machine Commercial Popcorn Maker | Industrial Popcorn Maker
The product that obtains the CE certificate is the popcorn production equipment, including popcorn popper, cooling conveyor, flavoring machine, shifting drum, etc. 
Till now, there are 10 series machines get the CE certification. They are popcorn machine, cooking mixer,flouring cooking mixer machine, etc, vegetable processing machine. 
popcorn machine
Nowadays, two types of commercial popcorn machine is available in the world market. Either commercial popcorn making machines which only those people can afford who have deep pockets or the commercial popcorn making machines which is manufactured for the purpose of cheap pricing, hence does not perform as per the expectations. Now here, LONGZE popcorn machinecomes as saviour. Our commercial popcorn making machines is affordable and performs to the expectation of the user as latest scientific designs has been used to manufacture them. Also there was a huge problem for quality commercial popcorn making raw material, we solve that problem too!
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