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Popcorn Production Line For Popcorn Manufacturer

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We want to demonstrate a caramel popcorn production line. This production line is fully automated and equipped with the latest popcorn machine equipment. watch this video to the end and write in the comments your impressions after meeting with the Longze popcorn production line.
Popcorn Production Line For Popcorn Manufacturer|Caramel Popcorn Production Line
Caramel Popcorn Production Line
As one of the popular snacks around the world, the consumption of the popcorn is more and more and our caramel popcorn production line can meet the large demand for the popcorn. This line consists of 1-6 independent popcorn machines with a large capacity of 50-400kg/h. We can also add the independent machine to the line according to your other producing needs.
Caramel Popcorn Production Line|Popcorn Production Line For Popcorn Manufacturer
Introduction of Flavored Popcorn Production Line
Popcorn, one of the most popular snacks in the world, is in increasing demand. Our flavored popcorn production line can meet the needs of factories to mass-produce popcorn. The production line consists of 6 single machines with a production capacity of 60-1000kg/h. We can also add independent machines to the production line according to your other production needs.
● Flavored Popcorn Making Machine
● Cooling & dispersing Conveyor
● Cooling & Screening Drum
● Feeding Lifter
● Automatic Seasoning Machine
1. Low power, high heating efficiency
2. Low running cost, convenient to maintain
3. It can process the material evenly and stable, excellent product quality
4. High automation, labor saving.

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