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Industrial Popcorn Machine Operation Process

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Industrial popcorn machine operation process
Popcorn, found in the Inca Empire, is one of the ancient snacks in the world; popcorn is a puffed food with a sweeter taste. It is made with corn, ghee, and sugar in a popcorn machine.
Because popcorn is sweet and crisp, it is liked by both children and the elderly; popcorn is especially popular in movie theaters, supermarkets and food festivals. Popcorn is easy to carry, good in quality, and inexpensive. Can get the satisfaction of taste buds.
Longze American Ball Shape Popcorn Machine,Large-scale Commercial Popcorn Production And Processing Machine Equipment
In the early popcorn processing, the corn was placed in a special container and heated, so that the temperature in the pot and the gas pressure in the pot continued to increase under the condition of high temperature and high pressure. When the cover of the machine is opened, the corn is suddenly released under normal temperature and pressure. The gas in the pot expands rapidly, and the pressure decreases quickly, which makes the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the corn kernels increase, causing the high-pressure water vapor inside the corn kernels to expand rapidly and burst instantly. When corn kernels are opened, popcorn becomes popcorn. At the same time, the internal structure and properties of corn will change. The early popcorn equipment was too simple due to the lack of production technology. Because the coating on the surface of the popcorn equipment contains lead components, although people like it, eating too much can cause harm to the body. With the advancement of technology, production The technology was developed, the popcorn equipment was developed, and the popcorn machine was born.
Popcorn Machine Gas Heating 55kg Per Hour,Longze American Ball Shape Popcorn Machine,Large-scale Commercial Popcorn Production And Processing Machine Equipment
There are many different classifications of caramel popcorn machines, according to the energy classification: electric heating and air heating. According to the classification of the mixing mode: there are manual and automatic. According to the classification of the motor position, there are upper stirring and lower stirring. According to the size classification: large and small. According to the material classification: there are stainless steel, aluminum, and non-stick pan modification. Although there are many types of popcorn machines, the operation methods are the same. The following is a sharing of the operation process of popcorn machines:
⒈Press the heat preservation lighting switch, heat preservation heating tube and heat preservation lighting bulb start to work.
⒉Turn the rotary heating switch to preheat the popcorn pan for 5-7 minutes, and then put 3 corns and 5 grams of cooking oil into the pan. When the corn bursts, the preparation is complete.
⒊First put 50ml of oil, then 150g of corn and 100g of sugar into the pan for popping. When the corn pops and there is almost no popping (about 5 minutes), open the lid and pour out the pan.
⒋Please pay attention to the popcorn situation when popping corn to prevent burning. At the same time, the movable door is closed, and the explosion-proof popcorn is dropped out of the box, and the corn is stirred until the popcorn is completed.
⒌Avoid dripping oil on the border of the popcorn pan to prevent soiling the pan and overheating and burning.
Popcorn Machine Gas Heating 55kg Per Hour,Longze American Ball Shape Popcorn Machine,Large-scale Commercial Popcorn Production And Processing Machine Equipment
In addition to operating the popcorn machine, you must also be familiar with the troubleshooting and maintenance of the popcorn machine. You think that although the price of popcorn is cheap, the demand is large. Once the equipment has a problem, you will not repair it, which will delay production. , Reduce production efficiency and bring losses to the company.
1. Turn on the power switch of the popcorn machine and check whether the fuse of the device is short-circuited or not.
2. Turn on the heating switch of the popcorn machine, the pot body is not hot, the heating indicator light is off, and the fuse is off. Please check whether the heater wiring in the pot body of the popcorn machine is faulty, check the temperature controller malfunctions, and the hob wiring is short-circuited. .
3. If the heating indicator of the popcorn machine does not go out for a long time, and the temperature is too high, check that the thermal thermostat fails, and the angle of the thermal thermostat should be adjusted to 180±10℃ or replaced .
4. If the light does not turn on after the thermostat switch of the popcorn machine works, replace the bulb. If the thermostat of the popcorn machine has no temperature, check whether the thermostat on the bottom plate is short-circuited.
5. If the outer metal sensing surface of the popcorn machine is too large, please check whether there is a good grounding device.

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