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Sterilization Pot Widely Used In The Food Industry

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Sterilization pot widely used in the food industry
This year’s epidemic reminds us to eat cooked food, and in the current food industry, it will take you to understand the sterilization pots widely used in the food industry, because the sterilization pots play a pivotal role. Sterilization pots are widely used in various food processing industries, and are suitable for various packaged products, such as: high temperature and high pressure heat treatment of materials such as bags, glass bottles, and tinplate.
The sterilization pot widely used in the food industry consists of a pot body, a pot cover, an opening device, a locking wedge, an interlocking device, a track, a processing basket, a steam nozzle and a number of nozzles. The pot cover is sealed with inflatable silicone rubber temperature-resistant sealing ring, which is reliable and has a long service life. It has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time of liquid material, and easy control of heating temperature. Sterilizers are mainly used in various fields such as the food industry!
Main features of sterilization pots widely used in the food industry:
1. No exhaust, low noise, quiet and silent, saving 18% of steam energy (compared to water immersion and steam sterilization pot)
2. Direct heating and indirect cooling. Improve the efficiency of sterilization. The indirect cooling method reduces the temperature of the original treated water and avoids the secondary pollution of food.
3. Direct heating and indirect cooling are used to reduce the frequency of heat exchanger use, reduce maintenance times and save equipment maintenance costs.
4. Create a quiet working environment.
The advantages of sterilization pot technology widely used in the food industry
1. When the sterilization pot is sterilized, in order to make the temperature in the pot uniform, the imported technology can make the hot water in the pot carry out the overall multi-directional cross circulation. This equipment is also equipped with a pure water storage tank, with a fast heat exchanger for cooling, which can be recovered after treatment and reused heat! Hot water! Energy saving! The heat exchanger can also be used to quickly cool down to ensure that the food is in a good state of nutrition, color and taste.
2. Using imported electrical appliances and PLC control software in the world, time, temperature, and pressure curves can be printed and stored at any time, so that each pot product can be checked.
3. Conduct heat distribution test and F value measurement in the pot for users free of charge, so that the sterilization data of each pot product is carried out under reasonable data.
4. Imported atomic electric devices and automatic valves are used, so that the entire operation process is operated by computer programming.
5. The computer can design the double-peak stage stepped processing to keep the pressure and temperature in the pot consistent, and adopt the step-wise heating method of gradual soaking, so as to ensure that the color of the internal food is consistent, the taste is consistent, and the nutrition is unchanged.
6. It is more accurate, convenient and fast to use plugs for connecting the sterilization pot and the computer.
7. Computer programming is developed and designed by the company's engineers, which is more conducive to programming and after-sales service for customers at any time.
The scope of application of sterilization pots widely used in the food industry:
It is widely used in food, fruit juice, pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage and other industries as equipment for heating, cooling, heat preservation or liquid storage.
Canned food: tinplate cans, aluminum cans (for example: canned drinks almond milk, walnut milk, tea drinks, etc.)
Soft bag packaging: aluminum foil bags, transparent bags, vacuum bags, high-temperature cooking bags, etc.
I hope that the above information about the sterilization pots widely used in the food industry will be helpful to you.

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