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Industrial 500 Liters Stainless Steel Electric Heating Pressure Cooker

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Industrial 500 liters stainless steel electric heating pressure cooker
The stainless steel 500-liter pressure cooker is mainly composed of a pot body, a jacket, tilting, stirring and a rack. The rack is used to install and fix the pot body and each equipment. The pot body is the main part of making food, and the tilting pot body device is used to realize the turning operation of the pot body.

Industrial Pressure Cooker South Africa For Samp and Beans 
Industrial electric heating pressure cooker belongs to a kind of special pressure vessel for food, and its design pressure is 3mpa, which belongs to industrial pressure cooker. Industrial electric heating pressure cooker The electric heating heating conversion is delivered to the pot body through the pipeline. The electric heating heating is characterized by fast heating speed and low cost, but it needs to have an electric heating boiler or an electric heating generator. There are many heating methods for industrial electric heating pressure cookers. Among them, the most choices are electric heating, electric and gas heating. Electric heating high-pressure cooking pots are mostly used in central kitchens, factories, large chain stores and other industries. Industrial electric heating pressure cooker has the characteristics of large heating area, uniform heating and heating, short boiling time of materials, and easy control of heating temperature. According to requirements, it can realize automatic heating, automatic heat preservation, automatic timing and other characteristics.

Industrial Pressure Cooker South Africa For Samp and Beans 
1. The heating area of ​​the industrial electric heating pressure cooker is large, the heating is uniform, the boiling time of the liquid material is short, and the heating temperature is easy to control.
2. Pot body material: double-layer pot body with jacket.
3. Heating method: electric heating or electric heating or gas.
4. Cover opening method, manual bolt/flange quick opening/hydraulic automatic
5. High temperature and high pressure: design pressure 3mpa, temperature 121°
6. Specifications and models: the volume ranges from 200L to 800L.
7. Hanging basket: 1-4 hanging baskets can be configured according to the volume. The height of the hanging basket can be customized.
8. Supporting foot form: ①Vertical pot body: triangular pyramid type, round tube type; ②Tiltable pot body: trough-shaped bracket type.
9. Equipment configuration: hanging basket filter screen, thermometer, pressure gauge, electric heating inlet, discharge outlet, etc.
10. Equipment structure: vertical/horizontal/hemisphere

Industrial Pressure Cooker South Africa For Samp and Beans
Features of industrial electric heating pressure cooker equipment
The inner pot (inner pot) of the high-pressure cooking pot is made of acid-resistant and heat-resistant austenitic stainless steel. The pot body is specially designed for faster cooking speed and even cooking of materials. Equipped with pressure gauge and safety valve, beautiful appearance, easy installation and convenient operation. Industrial electric heating pressure cooker is convenient for heat source selection, etc. Can meet the needs of different customers. It can realize the dual effect of cooking and sterilization.

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