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How To Make Candied Fruit In A Vacuum Dip Sugar Tank?

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Production steps
1. Sugar dissolving system
1. First add a certain amount of pure water to the sugar dissolving tank through an external device, and the heating terminal is connected to the power supply to heat, so that the pure water is heated to 100℃, and start the motor for stirring at the same time;
2. Put the sucrose into the sugar dissolving tank through manual operation to dissolve the sucrose in pure water;
3. After the sucrose is dissolved, you can open valve 1 under the sugar dissolving tank to make the sugar juice flow into the beverage pump, and then open valve 2 to start the beverage The pump makes it work. Under the action of the centrifugal force of the beverage pump, the sugar juice is fully filtered through the double filter and flows into the sugar permeation system separately;
Candied Fruits Vacuum Sugar Dipping Pot,Candied Fruits Making Machines|Candied Fruit Vacuum Pressure Sugar Soaking Processing Machine
Electric heating mixing tank
1. Overview
This machine is suitable for the deployment of fluid materials in the fields of food, beverage, pharmacy, dairy, daily chemicals, and biological engineering.
2. Components and working principle
The machine is mainly composed of tank body, mixing reducer, mixing shaft, mixing blade, adjusting feet, insulation layer, discharge port And other important parts. Its main working principle: add water or heat transfer oil from the filler port (until the liquid can be seen from the audition), add material or pure water to the tank (dry burning is prohibited), turn on the electric heating rod power supply, and the reducer drives the stirring shaft Rotate to mix the materials evenly. The machine is made of stainless steel as a whole, with simple structure and convenient operation. The storage volume can be designed according to customer requirements, and it can also be set with a half-open door or a side-by-side door.
Candied Fruits Vacuum Sugar Dipping Pot,Candied Fruits Making Machines|Candied Fruit Vacuum Pressure Sugar Soaking Processing Machine
Use and maintenance
1. Before use, place the machine horizontally, and then check whether the connection part of the machine is tight;
2. Clean the inside and outside of the tank, connect the feed inlet to the juice outlet of the related equipment, install a control valve at the outlet and connect to the next process ;
3. Turn on the power of the reducer, check whether the rotation direction of the mixing shaft is consistent with the direction indicator, and run idling for two minutes to confirm that the machine is running Normally, there is no abnormal sound, then cut off the power supply of the reducer;
4. Close the discharge port valve, and then flow the material liquid from the feed port into the tank.
5. When the material liquid reaches a certain height (calculated according to the proportion of auxiliary materials that need to be added, and it is required that the total height after adding auxiliary materials does not exceed the height of the tank 4/5), stop the feeding liquid, open the door cover and add the specified auxiliary materials;
6. Run the reducer, rotate the stirring shaft, and mix the liquid.
7. When mixing the blade mixture, if there is no obvious distinction between the auxiliary materials and the material liquid, the power supply of the reducer can be cut off;
8. Open the discharge port valve to discharge the material liquid.
9. When cleaning the mixing tank, remove the tank’s inlet and outlet connections, close the discharge control valve, and supplement from the inlet When clean water reaches 4/5 of the tank height, turn on the power of the reducer for mixed cleaning. You can also manually open the tank cover with a brush when the power of the reducer is cut off. After cleaning, open the discharge control valve to discharge the sewage. After the sewage is discharged, close the discharge control valve, and then enter the clean water for cleaning. It can be cleaned by repeating it several times. After zhi, wipe off the remaining water stains with a clean cloth.
10. Regularly check the lubrication of the reducer and replace the lubricating oil. (See the manual of the reducer for the operation method)
11. When the mixing tank is not used for a long time, be sure to clean the inside and outside of the tank to keep it dry and clean.
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