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Candied Fruit Vacuum Dipping Sugar Pot|Candied Fruit Processing Machine

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Super-Efficient candied fruit dipping machine:
Range of application:It is widely used in dried fruits, sliced fruits and other fruit and vegetable processing plant, it can also be used for the dried meat or sliced meat production plant.
Material:SUS 304
Vacuum infiltration equipment can be applied to apple, pear, apricot, plum, peach, papaya, sweet potato, cantaloupe, lemon, kiwi, pineapple, red dates, dragon fruit, hawthorn, plum, kumquat, mango, blue plum Hundreds of fruit and vegetable agricultural products such as potatoes. Complete the process of soaking sugar, soaking salt, dipping and soaking in the production and processing of preserves, preserves, Chinese herbal medicines and pickles.
Candied Fruits Vacuum Sugar Dipping Pot,Candied Fruits Making Machines|Candied Fruit Vacuum Pressure Sugar Soaking Processing Machine
Candied production line features:
1. Compared with the traditional method, it saves a lot of labor costs;
2. Compared with the traditional method, the production efficiency is greatly improved (mainly in the vacuum infiltration process, which is 5-20 times faster than the traditional soaking method);
3. Compared with the traditional method, it greatly increases the health and safety of food processing and increases the yield of fruits and vegetables;
4. Compared with the traditional method, the work accident accident caused by manual peeling and nuclear removal is greatly reduced, and the loss of fruit color and nutrient content is reduced;
5. Vacuum infiltration of sugar is carried out by sanitary pipelines to prevent external pollution. The unit can be vacuumed, heated, pressurized, and insulated. It can also be rapidly cooled and used in one machine.
6. The complete set of equipment is made of 304/316L food grade stainless steel, which is the development direction of modern production and large-scale production of candied fruit candied enterprises;Product Application
Raw materials: fresh fruit (mano,apple, kiwi,apricot,grape,olive,prune)
The final product: dried mango,apple ,kiwi, apricot,raisin,olive,prune,and so on
Fresh tomato treatment: 0.5-500 tons/hour of fresh fruits(per customer requirement)
Tomato paste output: 0.1-100 tons/hour(depends on fruit type, brix,etc.)
Candied Fruits Vacuum Sugar Dipping Pot,Candied Fruits Making Machines|Candied Fruit Vacuum Pressure Sugar Soaking Processing Machine
Compared with the traditional method of sugar immersion, it can greatly shorten the processing cycle of products, thus improving the work efficiency and saving the production cost.
The whole impregnation process is carried out under sealed condition, shorten the time, reduce the loss of nutrients, and keep the original color and flavor of fruits and vegetables.
Vacuum sugar dipping machine can vacuum, heat, pressure, heat preservation.Equipment made of high quality stainless steel 304, in line with health standards.The whole structure is compact, easy to operate and easy to clean.
The products made by vacuum sugar immersion pot are bright in color, rich in fruit taste, no crystallization, no pouring sugar, much dissolved sugar, large lump and high yield.It is a good equipment to replace the traditional sugar soaking process.At the same time, the equipment can be applied to a variety of preserved fruit products processing, the use is very wide.
Vacuum sugar dipping machine has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time, easy control of heating temperature, convenient cleaning and high vacuum degree.
Scope of application: bean candied, jujube candied, grape candied, pear candied, strawberry candied, blueberry candied, apple candied, apricot candied, sweet potato candied, kiwi candied, cherry candied, cranberry candied, waxberry candied, etc.

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