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Structures Of Automatic Cooking Mixer Jacketed Kettle

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Structures of Automatic cooking mixer jacketed kettle Jacketed Kettle
The cooking mixer jacketed kettle is mainly composed of a pot body, a frame, a stirring system, a heating system, a speed regulation system, a tilting system, etc.
Pot body: The body is a stainless steel (SUS304/316) hemisphere by one-shot stamping shaped with small overall roundness error. The agitator and the pot body are highly fitted to avoid the material pasting to the pot.
Frame: It is made stainless steel (304, 316 are available) and polished. It has beautiful appearance and reasonable design (also can be customized per your demands).

Heating system: Four heating sources are for your choice: gas (natural gas or LPG), steam, electromagnetism (induction) and electric (thermal oil).
Stirring system: It adopts planetary rotation stirring method. The agitator (mixer) is fully in contact with pot body. There is no mixing dead angle, and the materials are mixed more uniformly. The scrapers are made of food grade Teflon.
Speed regulation system: Using stepless frequency converter, the speed can be adjusted from zero to the highest at will.
Tilting system: Automatic hydraulic tilting can turn the pot at a 90 ° angle which is easy to discharging materials and clean the pot.

Steam Heated Manual Jacketed Kettle Cooking Mixer For Blueberry Jam Price 
Application of Automatic cooking mixer jacketed kettle:
Automatic cooking mixer jacketed kettle is also known as cooking pot, cook wok, stewing pot, etc. It is widely used in various of food industries, such as confectionery, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, alcohol, pastries, candied fruit, beverages, canned food, braised food, etc. It also can be used in large restaurants or cafeterias to cook soup, stir-fry vegetables, stew meat, cook porridge, etc. It is a good device to shorten processing time and improve working conditions.
Application in pastry: Frying process.
Application in confectionery: Dissolving, boiling and blending granulated sugar and starch syrup.
Application in nuts: Roasting; coating sugar, candy, chocolate, etc.
Application in candied fruit: Pre-cooking (debittering) and sugar boiling.
Application in canned food: Pre-cooking and mixing of materials.
Application in sauce products: Blending and sterilizing of various sauces, such as bean paste, sweet noodle sauce, peanut butter, chili sauce, beef sauce, etc.

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