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Cooking Mixer Machine Comparison Of Different Heating Sources

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cooking mixer machine Comparison of Different Heating Sources
There are four types of heating sources available.
Steam heating cooking mixer: The advantage is that the heating speed is fast. It takes about half an hour to heat the water from normal temperature to boiling. The steam cooking pot must have an independent medium or high pressure steam system, so the cost is high. Generally, the steam heating is used when there are many cooking pots or the customers already have steam generators. Heating temperature can reach 120-130 degrees.
Electric heating cooking mixer: The advantage is economical, but the heating speed will be slower than steam heating. High voltage is needed for electric heating pot. Heating temperature can reach 320 degrees (using 320# thermal oil).
Gas firing cooking mixer: Gas heating pot doesn’t require high voltage, while the heating speed is slower than that of steam and electric heating. Heating temperature can reach 280-300 degrees.
Electromagnetic cooking mixer: Electromagnetic heating has the characteristics of rapid temperature rise, no smoke and no open flame. It saves 20% more electricity than ordinary electric heating, but the electromagnetic cooking mixer machine price is much higher than other types. Heating temperature can reach 350 degrees.
Industrial Cooking Kettle With Agitator For Cook Dairy Products
There are four heating sources available for cooking mixer.
Steam heating: The steam, generated by steam generator or steam boiler, is passed to the jacket of the interlayer to heat and transfer the temperature to the inner layer. Choosing this method for heating, a steam generator or a steam boiler is needed.
Gas heating: Burning natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas to heat the kettle body with open fire.
Electric heating: The electric heating tube heats thermal oil of the interlayer, and then the thermal oil transfers temperature to the kettle body.
Electromagnetic heating: The electromagnetic pot adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction heating.

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