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Classification Of Commercial Jacketed Industrial Cooking Pot

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Classification of commercial jacketed industrial cooking pot
The commercial jacketed industrial cooking pot is also known as steam pot, cooking mixer, boiling pan, stewing pot and so on. It is widely used in the processing of confectionery, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, alcoholic beverages, preserves, canned food, sauce, paste, brittles, etc., and can also be used in large restaurants, cafeterias or canteens for stewing soup, porridge, pork, chicken, beef; stir-frying vegetables, etc. It is a good equipment to shorten processing time and improve working conditions.

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Volume: 100L, 200L, 300L, 400L, 500L, 600L.
Structure: Tiltable industrial cooking pot, vertical (fixed) industrial cooking pot.
Heating source: Steam heating jacketed industrial cooking pot, gas heating jacketed industrial cooking pot, electric heating industrial cooking pot, electromagnetic heating industrial cooking pot.
Stirring method: Planetary stirring industrial cooking pot, vertical (fixed) stirring industrial cooking pot, no stirring industrial cooking pot.
Apperance: Vertical industrial cooking pot, horizontal industrial cooking pot.
Sealing method: Normal industrial cooking pot, vacummed industrial cooking pot
Different commercial jacketed industrial cooking pots have different applications. We will recommend the most suitable type per your demands.

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Precautions for Jacketed Steam industrial cooking pot:
The industrial cooking pot takes steam of a certain pressure as the heat source. It has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, etc. The inner layer of the pot is made of austenitic stainless steel (acid and heat resistance). The pot is equipped with a pressure gauge and a safety valve.

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The industrial cooking pot must be operated in accordance with the regulations to avoid potential safety hazards: 
The steam pressure shall not exceed the rated working pressure for a long time.
Open the intake valve gradually to allow steam to enter slowly until pressure is enough.
Adjust the safety valve according to the steam pressure you need.
Pay attention to the change of steam pressure, and use the steam inlet valve to adjust it in time.
After stopping steam intake, open the straight-mouth cock at the bottom of the pan and let the remaining water drain.
Add oil to each rotating part periodically. Cooked oil is recommended for the parts of the pot body. 30 #-40 # mechanical oil for other parts.

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