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The Origin Of Industrial Commercial Popcorn Machine

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The Origin of industrial commercial Popcorn Machine
Popcorn machine is a food equipment for making or popping popcorn. Popcorn machines have been used by people for a long time. Scientists from Vanderbilt University and the National Institute of History in Peru have discovered popcorn and corncob residue about 3,000 to 6,700 years ago near the north coast of Peru. It proves that corn flour and popcorn used to be the main food of human ancestors living here.
Longze American Ball Shape Popcorn Machine,Large-scale Commercial Popcorn Production And Processing Machine Equipment
Corn is evolved from a wild grass called Teosinte, which began to be widely planted as a crop in Mexico about 9000 years ago. Thousands of years later, corn was introduced into South America and gradually evolved into several varieties that we commonly see in the Andes.
Popcorn requires special popcorn instead of ordinary farm corn. This type of popcorn can be quickly bursted under high temperature and high pressure.
Fire Corn Popcorn Making Machine,beat automatic industrial popcorn machine
Our industrial commercial popcorn machine can pop 5kg or more of popcorn per batch (four or five minutes per batch). It is a good equipment to increase productivity and save labor.
Industrial popcorn machine three heating sources are available: gas, electric (thermal oil) and electromagnetism. You can choose it according to your own situation. Spherical (round) or butterfly-shaped popcorn both can be popped with our popping machine. Just the types of corn are different. Various flavors can be popped: American caramel, chocolate, butter, honey, black pepper, salty, etc.

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