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Electric Heating Automatic Cooking Mixer Jacketed Kettle

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Electric Heating Automatic cooking mixer jacketed kettle
The electric heating cooking mixer jacketed kettle takes 380V electric power as the heating source. The interlayer is equipped with electric heating tubes, electric thermocouple and conduction oil (thermal oil). The maximum temperature can reach 320 degrees.

Electric Heating Cooking Mixer Machine With Cooking And Mixing Functions 
The power of small electric heating cooking mixer jacketed kettle is always 18KW including two sets of heating tubes which can be controlled separately. When the materials need to be heated slowly or kept warm, opening one heating tube is enough, thus it saves energy and protects environment. The power of the electric heating cooking mixer jacketed kettle can also be customized per customer needs. There are 24KW, 27KW, 36KW available. 
The electric energy consumption of the electric heating cooking mixer jacketed kettle is about 18-36 KW/h, depending on the heating tube power selected by the customer.
Electric heating cooking mixer jacketed kettle has the characteristics of large heating area, uniform heating, high thermal efficiency, short boiling time and easy control of heating temperature. It’s a good choice to saving labor and improve working environment.

Electric Heating Cooking Mixer Machine With Cooking And Mixing Functions 
Electromagnetic heating system:
There are electromagnetic coils on the bottom of the pot body. High-frequency high-voltage current flowing through the coil will generate a high-speed alternating magnetic field.When a ferrous container placed on it, an alternating current (ie, eddy current) is generated in the metal part. The eddy current makes the carriers at the bottom of the container move irregularly at high speed. Carriers collide and rub against each other to generate heat energy.
This method solves the problem of low thermal efficiency caused by heat conduction. The utilization rate of electricity is improved, and the thermal efficiency is high. It is a new type of heating method, and its function is stable now.
Planetary stirring system:
The stirring system uses a combination of revolution and rotation. The stirring deceleration assembly adopts helical gear reducer with lower vibration and lower noise. The stirring drive motor adopts cycloidal variable frequency reducer.
The scrapers are made of food grade 4F Teflon which is non-toxic and non-polluting.
Temperature control system:
The temperature is controlled by an advanced automatic temperature controller. The monitor is PT100. Customers can set temperatures according to different processing techniques.

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