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Automatic Operation Sauce Jacketed Cooking Mixer Machine

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Automatic operation sauce jacketed cooking mixer machine
Sauce jacketed cooking mixer machine equipment is divided into manual and automatic working modes.
The manual mode of the sauce jacketed cooking mixer machine is suitable for the initial test machine stage of the equipment, inching operation, intelligent protection, avoiding impact, and manual worm wheel turning over the pot for discharging.

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The automatic operation mode of the sauce jacketed cooking mixer machine is the main working mode. When this mode is selected, the computer directs the various parts of the jacketed cooking mixer machine to work together, and continuously completes the raising and lowering of the stirring arm, turning the pot, pouring, homing, stirring, adding and subtracting temperature It does not require manual operation, saves manpower and material resources, improves production efficiency, and achieves multiple actions.

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Longze automatic sauce jacketed cooking mixer machine has automatic temperature measurement and control throughout the whole process, digital display, high accuracy, stability and reliability.
Use safety: a variety of interlocking protection, leakage protection, system over-temperature protection and pot body over-temperature protection and other safety devices ensure that the control box, motor, and mechanical parts are effectively linked, and there will be absolutely no malfunctions, and the machine will not be caused by humans. Operational errors are damaged, which protects the factory's machinery from always in an orderly working state, so that users can rest assured, manufacturers can rest assured, and the amount of after-sales service is greatly reduced.

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