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Installation Steps Of Industrial Cooking Machine With Mixer

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Installation steps of industrial cooking machine with mixer
Cooking machine with mixers are widely used in the processing of foods such as candies, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, wines, pastries, preserves, beverages, cans, and lo Processing good equipment that improves quality, shortens time, and improves working conditions. Let's take a look at the installation steps of the 
industrial cooking machine with mixer:
installation steps
1. Overall structure:
The fixed type (vertical type) is mainly composed of a pot body and feet;
Fixed type (vertical type) with mixing main body and feet, composed of agitator;
The tilting type is mainly composed of a pot body and a tilting installation;
Tilting stirring is mainly composed of pot tilting device and stirring device
2. Tighten the two setscrews of the support frame. When shaking the pot, the inlet and outlet pipes at both ends are not allowed to rotate with the pot.
3. After installation, the agitated jacketed pot should be tested for empty truck, and it can be put into production only after the transmission parts are running normally.
4. After air intake, if there is air leakage at the joint, tighten the nut until it does not leak.
industrial cooking machine with mixer,cooking mixers machine 
Cooking machine with mixers are mostly used in the processing of various foods and are widely used in various food processing companies. They are made of stainless steel. When purchasing, after arriving at the factory, and during normal operations, more corresponding inspections should be carried out to ensure The use of equipment is normal.
In actual use, stainless steel is slightly inferior to carbon steel in weldability, and there is the possibility of environmental cracking in the chloride ion environment, so it is prone to cracks. Users should pay more attention when using it. There are places where such problems are particularly prone to occur. For example, in the fillet weld between the steam inlet and outlet pipe and the jacket, the joint between the weld and the jacket is easy to crack. The stress is concentrated at this position. The inlet nozzle is the steam inlet, which is vulnerable to steam impact and the output temperature difference changes. At the same time, the connecting pipe also plays a role in supporting the weight of the container and the weight of the material in the pot. When unloading, it is necessary to rotate the connecting pipe to support the container tilting at a certain angle, and it is easy to cause fatigue crack sources when rotating back and forth. After long-term use, penetration cracks are prone to occur.
Here, pay more attention to the use and inspection. Check for cracks in the fillet welds of the inlet nozzle and jacket. Other fillet welds are more prone to cracking than butt welds, because fillet welds are more stressed.
Many industrial cooking machine with mixers use the structure of a sandwich pot, so there will be such a problem. You must check more when you use it. If there is a problem, the equipment is basically repaired and the service life will not be long, because it is likely that the whole The structure has changed, and such equipment has been used for a certain number of years, so it is recommended to directly replace the cooking machine with mixer.

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