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Electric Heating Industrial Large Cooking Machine With Mixer Operation

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Electric heating industrial large cooking machine with mixer operation
1. For the safety valve, the safety valve configured by the company and designated for use must be used, and no self-adjustment is allowed.
2. In the process of using large industrial cooking machine with mixers, you should always pay attention to the temperature change of the heat transfer oil. Generally, the heat transfer oil should not exceed 150°C. (Controlled by the electric control box), adjust the temperature in due course and pay attention to the temperature; pay attention to the oil temperature and pressure changes and take other safety measures when working over 150℃.
3. After the electric heating vertical cooking machine with mixer heats the material to the required temperature, the material is discharged from the bottom of the pot.
4. Before each use of electric heating industrial large cooking machine with mixer equipment, pay attention to whether the electric heating rod is damaged. For large-scale stirring industrial cooking machine with mixers, cooked vegetable oil is recommended for the parts on the surface of the pot body; 30#—40# mechanical oil is used everywhere else.
5. After use, the power should be cut off first, and pure water should be added to the pot immediately to protect the electric heating rod and prolong the service life.
6. When adding heat-conducting oil, it is recommended to buy heat-conducting oil with an oil temperature of 320 degrees, which can quickly increase the oil temperature and improve work efficiency. Then before heating, use a valve to seal one side of the overflow port, and the other side first connect a pipe to divert and heat. Excess heat transfer oil may flow out into a barrel when it is heated. After 4 to 5 times, it can be sealed with a valve. (Because each place is produced. There is a difference in quality of the heat transfer oil. If there is a large amount of flow out when you start using it, pour the part back into the interlayer before the next use, and it can be basically stable after a few cycles.)
Electric heating industrial large cooking machine with mixer 
1. The steam inlet pipe and the water outlet pipe joints leak steam. When choosing a tight nut does not solve the problem, you should add or replace the packing.
2. The pressure gauge and safety valve should be checked regularly, and if there is any malfunction, they should be replaced and repaired in time.
3. After 50 hours of use, the gearbox should be disassembled to drain the lubricating oil, rinsed with kerosene or diesel, and added 30#-40# clean oil. After 150 hours of use, change the oil for the second time, depending on the specific situation in the future. , Change the oil every 1000 hours of use.
4. If the anti-rust oil peels off, it should be painted in time, and the paint of the outer pot should be painted. X55-3 aluminum powder vinyl water-resistant paint is recommended.
5. After the electric heating industrial cooking machine with mixer has been used for 5 years, it is recommended to conduct a safety water pressure test, and the interval of the subsequent water pressure test shall be carried out according to the requirements of the technical departments of various regions.
The pressure P water of the hydraulic test is determined according to the following conditions:
When the rated working pressure P is less than 0.6MPa, P water = 0.15MPa;
When the rated working pressure P=0.6-0.8MPa,
P water = P amount + 0.3MPa
6. The outer pot body of the industrial cooking machine with mixer is made of 4.0~5.5mm thick steel plate, steel grade A3. When the outer pot is reduced to less than 2mm after years of corrosion, it should be stopped.
7. The welding of stainless steel in the electric heating cooking machine with mixer and the welding of the joints of other stainless steel materials should use stainless steel electrodes Ao 102, Ao 107, Ao 132, and Ao 137. Other grades should not be used.

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