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Application Of Steam Jacketed Kettle In Pharmacy

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Application of steam jacketed kettle in pharmacy
The steam jacketed kettle has the characteristics of large heating area, fast evaporation and low hydrostatic pressure, and is widely used for the concentration of the leaching liquid immersed in the preparation. In recent years, the use of jacketed cooking kettle with mixers instead of iron pots to steam, boil, stew, and prepare certain Chinese medicinal materials has achieved better results.
1. Steam Rhizoma Polygonatum first remove impurities and clean the sediment. Calculate according to every 100kg of Polygonatum plus 20kg of rice wine, put the medicinal materials and rice wine in the tank, mix well, and airtight. Turn it every 20 minutes. After the liquor is exhausted, put it on a stainless steel disc with holes supported by a tripod in the jacketed cooking kettle with mixer, and cover the top. Put in an appropriate amount of clean water from the bottom, open the steam inlet valve, and keep the interlayer at 0.03M Pa/cm.

Industrial jacketed kettle for processing beef sauce  
2. The pressure of the jacketed cooking kettle with mixer. After 30 minutes, open the pot to observe the changes in the medicinal materials, and continue to heat it to the extent required for processing when it is impermeable. Then close the steam inlet valve, open the outlet to drain the water, take out the medicinal materials after cooling slightly, cut into thick slices, and dry. Boil the whole scorpion, turn off the water, and add the saturated solution of salt to the jacketed cooking kettle with mixer everywhere. Turn on the steam inlet switch, wait for the water to boil, pour the live whole scorpion into the pot, continue to heat it, cook until the whole scorpion is firm and firm, and when the back is drawn, remove the medicinal materials floating on the surface of the pot. Then release the live whole scorpion, boil it to the required level, and take it out of the pot. If you repeat the operation to the end, quickly drain the salt water in the pot, rinse the pot with tap water, and place the scorpion in a ventilated place.
3. Stewed Rehmannia glutinosa with wine, take the pure rehmannia glutinosa, calculate with 50kg rice wine per 100kg, mix the medicinal wine well, pour it into a dry jacketed cooking kettle with mixer, and cover the pot. Turn on the steam inlet valve and heat slowly to keep the pot boiling slightly, and a small amount of hot air overflows from the upper mouth. When the wine is exhausted, the skin of the medicinal materials does not stick to the hands, take it out. When the medicinal materials are dried in the sun, cut into thick slices and dry.

Industrial jacketed kettle for processing beef sauce  
4. Almonds and peach kernels. Add a large amount of water to the jacketed cooking kettle with mixer and open the large steam inlet valve. After the water boils, take the almonds equivalent to 14 in the amount of water, put it into a large gauze bag, and put it into the pot. When the shrunken almond seed coat is stretched, and when the fingers are gently twisted off, lift the pocket and pour the contents into a basin of cold water. Repeat the operation according to the above method until all the almonds are finished. Make peach kernels according to the above method.
Using a jacketed cooking kettle with mixer to process pharmaceutical materials can not only be used as a special equipment, but also can be used for multiple purposes in one pot. During installation, it can share the same pipe with the hospital supply room for disinfection, and use steam at the same time. Since the equipment of Longze Industrial jacketed cooking kettle with mixer is simple to operate and easy to control the temperature, it is safer when stewing medicine, does not paste the pot, and the finished product has good internal and external quality. It has high work efficiency, is economical and practical, and is clean and hygienic. It is an ideal tool for medical units to process small batches of pharmaceutical materials. However, care should be taken not to concoct Polygonum multiflorum with an iron jacketed cooking kettle with mixer.

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