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Chili Sauce Fully Automatic Planetary Stirring Cooking Mixers Of Advantages

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Advantages of Chili Sauce Fully Automatic Planetary Stirring cooking mixers
The design concept of Longze Chili sauce cooking mixers machine:
Humanization: People-oriented, convenient and quick operation design, convenient and practical.
Energy saving: optimized configuration of steam, electricity, water, time and other aspects, low consumption and high efficiency.
Specialization: According to the different needs of customers, we can design products that meet their production needs.
Long service life: shielding the misunderstanding of low price and low quality, using advanced components and manufacturing concepts at home and abroad to improve the stability of the equipment, increasing the cost-effectiveness of the equipment by extending the service life of the industrial large-capacity chili sauce cooking mixers machine equipment, and reducing the food equipment The purchaser's purchase and then invest funds.

Industrial jacketed kettle for processing beef sauce  
Advantages of Longze Chili sauce cooking mixers machine:
1. It can automatically ignite, which is convenient and fast, and improves work efficiency; with explosion-proof valve, there is an alarm function when the gas leaks, and the gas can be automatically shut off, safe and practical
2. The four-head stirring blade designed for the chili sauce cooking mixers machine, the stirring blade is made of high-strength PTFE, wear-resistant, high-temperature, non-toxic, and meet the requirements of food production.
3. The inner and outer pot body and the surface contact parts of the chili sauce cooking mixers machine are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is easy to clean and meets food hygiene requirements.
4. The scraper has a high degree of adhesion to the pot body, and the bottom scraping is more thorough, and the pot sticking phenomenon is not easy to occur.
5. Equipped with a unique energy-saving burner, full combustion, high thermal efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and equipped with heat-resistant insulation device, it is more energy-efficient to use, and the efficiency can reach more than 70%.
6. The stirring speed can be adjusted, and the rotation and revolution are synchronized and run in a ratio, which can enhance the unique frying effect
7. The interlocking design of mixing paddle, pot body and pot turning ensures the safety of operators.

Industrial jacketed kettle for processing beef sauce  
Precautions for the operation of the chili sauce cooking mixers machine:
1. Inspection equipment: Check the chili sauce cooking mixers machine before use. All control and operating parts should be in good condition, and the pan should be in a vertical state. Confirm that the supply gas is consistent with the type of gas indicated on the equipment nameplate to ensure food safety. The inner and outer surfaces need to be cleaned before they can be put into use.
2. Add ingredients: add the required ingredients and ingredients to the pot.
3. Turn on the power: According to the steps, press the "motor start" switch, the green button, and the stirrer will start stirring. Choose low speed first, and then choose high speed or low speed according to cooking requirements. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the speed of the reducer when the motor is stopped.

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4. Burner ignition: The first step is to confirm that the knobs on the operation panel, the long open flame knob and the ignition rod knob are in the fully closed position, and then open the main gas valve. The second step is to turn on the ignition rod knob, the hot chili sauce automatic planetary stirring jacketed pot ignites the ignition rod and inserts it into the ignition port at the lower part of the combustion chamber, and at the same time turns on the long open flame knob to ignite the long open burner. The third step is to pull out the ignition rod, close the knob, and place the ignition rod in place. The fourth step is to push down the knobs of the fire plate and turn them to the fully open position. At this time, the fire plate burner will ignite automatically. The inner ring burner should be used first, and the outer ring burner should be used after confirming that the combustion state is good.

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