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Application Of Jacketed Kettle In The Production Of Sweet Flavored Walnut Kernels

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Application of jacketed kettle in the Production of Sweet-flavored Walnut Kernels
Here is an introduction to the application of the jacketed cooking kettle with mixer in the production of sweet walnut kernels
1. The walnuts with green peel in the jacketed cooking kettle with mixer begin to mature from late August to early September. At this time, the peel changes from dark green to yellow-green or light yellow, and some involucres are cracked and there are a few fruit drops, which can be harvested for processing. Green-skin walnuts cannot be sun-dried, and dried walnuts are not easy to peel. Walnuts should be stacked in a cool place or indoors with a deposition height of 30 cm-50 cm, covered with walnut leaves or grass. After 3 to 5 days, when the crust is removed from the shell, it is peeled off by hand or with a knife. Usually 4.5 kg of walnuts can make 1 kg of dried walnuts.
2. Rinse with water in time after rinsing, drying and peeling. Put the walnuts in the basket and put them in the water for 5 minutes each time, wash 2 to 3 batches and change the water once.
 After washing the walnuts, they can be dried in the shade for half a day, and then spread out after most of the water has evaporated. It can also be dried at 40℃-50℃. The dried barnyardgrass is yellowish brown, and the diaphragm is easy to break. Dried walnuts should be stored in a ventilated, monotonous room.

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3. Usually 38 kg of walnut kernels can be produced per 100 kg of walnuts.
4. Soak the fragrance liquid with 20% cinnamon bark, 5% clove, 25% cumin, 20% licorice, 15% star anise, 10% Chinese prickly ash, and 5% fragrant flakes. Add 10 times the amount of water, heat it to boiling and keep it warm. After 30 minutes, filter out the extract. Add 2%-5% table salt and 0.03%-0.05% monosodium glutamate into the extract. Soak the walnut kernels in the fragrance liquid made by the above method for 1 hour, remove and drain.
5. Bake the soaked walnuts at a temperature of 60℃-70℃ until the moisture content is below 10%, and bake them in an infrared oven at 180℃-190℃ for 20 minutes to 30 minutes to produce aroma, but Not burnt.
6. To make icing with walnuts, add 20kg-30kg of water to Longze industrial jacketed kettle, then add 60kg beet sugar, 30kg glucose and 10kg fructose syrup, use the industrial jacketed kettle to heat to boiling while stirring. After the whole is dissolved, add 100 grams to 200 grams of citric acid. Pour the toasted walnuts into the liquid while it is hot, and stir evenly. After being out of the pan, continue to bake it at a temperature of 60 ℃-80 ℃.

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7. Packed in a monotonous and hygienic room, put the cooled sugar-dipped walnut kernels into an aluminum foil composite bag, seal it with a vacuum packaging machine or pack it with nitrogen, and it is the finished product.

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