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Do You Know How To Operate The Steam-heated Jacketed Kettle?

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Do you know how to operate the steam-heated jacketed kettle?
Steam heating jacketed kettle
The standard operation of the steam heating ingredient jacketed kettle is listed to ensure the safe use of this machine to heat the liquid in the pot.
It is suitable for the operation of steam heating batching jacketed kettle.
The operator of the steam-heated ingredient jacketed kettle is responsible for the implementation of this standard, and the equipment technician is responsible for supervision.
Preparation before operation
1. Check the cleanliness of the jacketed kettle.
2. Check the reliability of the valves attached to the jacketed boiler.
3. Check the supply of steam.
4. Turn on the machine to idle for 1 minute, and check whether the reducer and pressure gauge can work normally.
5. Check whether the valve at the discharge port is closed.
6. Prepare the container, mixing spoon, thermometer, etc. to contain the materials.
Operation process
1. Remove the stainless steel cover and turn on the power switch of the agitator.
2. Pour the liquid material to be heated into the pot.
Heating operation
1. Open the drain valve and exhaust valve to drain off the cold water and steam in the interlayer for 2 to 3 minutes.
2. Open the steam valve and heat the material in the pot for 2 to 3 minutes, then close the exhaust valve and drain valve and observe the indication of the pressure gauge. It should be within the allowable value range.
3. When the temperature reaches the set value, the steam valve should be closed.
4. When constant temperature is required, the exhaust valve and drain valve should be closed at the same time.
Cooling operation
1. Open the exhaust valve and drain valve to discharge the hot air and hot water in the interlayer.
2. Open the cold water valve to supply cooling water to the interlayer to reduce the temperature of the material in the pot
3. When the temperature reaches the set value, the cold water valve should be closed.
4. When no stirring operation is needed, the stirrer can be turned off.
End of operation
1. Open the discharge valve and discharge the materials in the pot into a suitable container.
2. Open the exhaust valve and drain valve to drain the water and steam in the interlayer.
3. Clean according to the cleaning rules of steam heating ingredients jacketed kettle (SOP SC1035).
4. Recheck and check the closing conditions of the cold water valve and steam valve.

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