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The Correct Operating Procedures For The Steam Jacketed Kettle

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The correct operating procedures for the steam jacketed kettle
The work of the steam jacketed kettle is based on the principle of back pressure cooking. Back pressure cooking means to pass compressed air into the pot to increase the pressure. The purpose of increasing the pressure is to prevent the production of cans from protruding and skipping lids.

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Analysis on the operating procedures of the steam jacketed kettle:

Because compressed air is a poor heat conductor, and the steam itself has a certain pressure, do not put compressed air in the sterilization process, as long as the temperature that can be sterilized is maintained forever. After the sterilization is completed, what needs to be done is to cool down. At this time, the supply of steam must be stopped and the cooling water is forced into the spray pipe. As the temperature in the pot drops and the steam condenses, the internal force of the pot is reduced and the pressure of compressed air is used to compensate. During the sterilization process, attention should be paid to the initial exhaust method, and then let the steam circulate. It can also deflate every 15 to 20 minutes to promote heat exchange. In short, the sterilization conditions must be met and carried out according to certain procedures. The sterilization temperature, sterilization pressure, sterilization time and operation methods are all specified by the canned product sterilization process.

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Then the editor below will introduce what problems should be paid attention to when operating the steam jacketed kettle for the blow?
1. First, you need to pour a small amount of clean water into the jacketed kettle before feeding, open the bottom ball valve and then open the air inlet valve, and close the ball valve after removing the cold air in the jacket. When the pointer of the pressure gauge rises to the set working pressure, the safety valve is adjusted to automatically vent when it reaches the pressure relief value specified by the equipment. At this time, the intake valve needs to be closed to stop steam supply.
2. After cleaning the jacketed kettle, put in the materials, slowly open the air inlet valve, and close the air inlet valve when the material reaches the required temperature and the predetermined heating time. Then open the blowdown valve to release the steam so that the pressure in the interlayer is zero.

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3. For each operation, you need to open the drain valve to drain the condensed water molecules in the interlayer. If there is too much water in the interlayer, you need to check whether the steam trap drain is malfunctioning to ensure the normal heat exchange. So as not to extend the operating time and affect work efficiency.
4. The steam jacketed kettle needs to be kept clean and should be cleaned every time it is used.
5. Before use, check whether the rotation part of the jacketed kettle is well lubricated. Fill the oil cup with grease and inject proper amount of grease into the bite of the turbine and worm.
6. After stopping the air intake, the water outlet at the bottom of the pot should be opened, and the remaining water inside should be discharged.

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